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  1. Thermite & Lesion. Tbh tho I’m Flex all ops except the Lord Tachanka.
  2. Bank and Club House when doing ESL Comp.
  3. In-Game Name =VxU= Military 7 How old are you? 22 Link to introduction thread https://ventrixunited.com/forums/topic/163-vug-military-7-introduction-topic/ What is your primary game? Rainbow Six Siege Steam Profile Link, LoL Summoner Name, or any other platform such as Origin or Epic Games https://account.xbox.com/en-us/Profile?xr=mebarnav&rtc=1 How to you hear about Ventrix United and what is the name of the member who recruited you? Reddit Post Do you understand that we use Teamspeak as our primary in-game communication? Yes Why do you want to join Ventrix United? Provided in the detailed Introduction Explanation
  4. Since your the owner, if you DM I’ll be more then happy to provide you my number and SC if needed. I already signed up on discord. I’ll fill out the application now.💪🏻🙂
  5. Ok thank you. I can’t use team speak on iPhone . I’ll be on discord and I just joined
  6. No my main gamertag on Xbox is Fusion Military. I just did the Username as VUG cause I assumed that is the gamertag change. It seems it’s VXU. Gaming communities I been to require you to change the from on your name the initials of the community you join.
  7. Good Evening Sir. Thank you for the Fast Reply ! That’s got to be the fastest reply I ever seen I’m my community time haha. Yea I Understand you guys are computer based. However, I’d like the opportunity to work on the Web Operations Side if possible. Do you guys use Discord? I’m pretty sure I Team speak but let me check. I’m an old school PC guy believe me. I was playing when Windows X was running Steam back when I was playing Half Life Blue Shift & Half Life Opposing Force when it came out. Haha can’t believe how long it’s been.
  8. Good Evening Ladies and Gents of VUG. It says in the the instructions to make a topic here. Gaming Community History: I’m looking to help out this gaming community as much as possible. Found this community off of some redit post. I just recently went on college break. I been looking to join a gaming community for quite sometime. I been through many communities some that have fallen and some still operating. I have ran squads to it’s max operating capacity of 100 people. I have ran Divisions of up too 500+ members. I have had the opportunity to work extensively with multiple web operation teams such as News Team Department, the Panel for Court Justice System for people appealing bans, blacklists, and DNH, Events Team in setting up gaming events, and lastly Administration and Moderation of the gaming community website. I have been gaming since I was a kid when the first Xbox came out. I been in gaming communities and clans since being a kid. I love working with gaming communities because of the gaming atmosphere and awesome leadership to work with and to learn from. (You can always teach a dog new tricks) Gaming Communities I have worked with: TMG- Trouble Makers Gaming:Community Shut Down due to Owner going into college and stopped paying for website. Took a side job as Bar Manager. (Was with them from 2006-2011) Jobs did: Head Court Judge, Military Liaison Officer, Assistant Web Site Admin in Training, Co-Manager of News Team Department, Awards Team Co-Manager, Head of Recruitment & Education Workshop Training *Highest Squad Rank Earned: General (Commander) *Highest Division Rank Earned: Division Leader KSI Gaming- There’s 2 of them still around. 1 of the websites is dying for who I worked with. The other KSI I have no clue how there doing. (Was with them from 2014-2018) *Jobs Did: Court Judge, Awards Team Member, Co-Head of News Team Department, Events Team Leader for Xbox One, Website Moderator, Recruitment Member *Highest Squad Rank Earned- Commander *Highest Leadership Rank Earned- Co-Division Leader XGN- Xiled Gaming Network: Loved the gaming community side with clan operations. However, they turned the community into a money grabber and franchise advertising for there products. They used member as dollar signs, each member signed up they got profit. Owner of XGN AKA Corey is a registered sex offender. Did want to work for a community of someone with that type of background. (Was paid $200.00 to run a background check on him) (Was with them from 2012-2013) *Awards Team Member, Head News Team Writer, Website Moderator in Training, Recruitment Co-Leader *Highest Squad Rank Earned: Commander *Highest Leadership Rank Earned: Co-Manager System I play on: Xbox One. Getting a PC soon Games played: Rainbow Six Siege- Extremely Competitive won 4 Go4 ESL Cups on XB1. Streamed on Twitch. Have my Affiliation Sponsorship Fortnite- I always outbuild and win💪🏻 My Real Life History: Graduated HS in June 2015 Enlisted in the U.S Army at 18 Years Old on December of 2015 MOS:19D Cavalry Scout Graduated OSUT at Fort Benning, Georgia-16 Weeks Stationed at Fort Riley, KS- 1ID,2BCT,1-63HHC Deployments: Camp Arifjam, Kuwait 🇰🇼 Base is South of Kuwait City Branch Transferred to Air Force ROTC (Green to Blue Program) Extremely Hard to get approved, had a great leadership and worked my ass off. Studying Bachelor Major: Criminal Justice Assigned to Air Force ROTC Detachment 490 2 years left of Active Duty Contract Final Thoughts you are all are wondering, Why am I here and applying to be a member? I want the opportunity to build a a strong relationship with a new gaming community. A lot of the gaming communities around or ones I had the pleasure of working with are either shutting down or are thriving to its fillies potential. Someone with my variety skill sets and leadership training is hard to come these days (Just being honest) I want to work somewhere where I can build a Strong relationship and build trust with a new community that seems to have it's priories together. I enjoy the ranking structure, rules and policies, web ops, and clan ops. I love gaming and be part of a team. I am confident I will be excellent valuable asset to this organization and the people with in. I promise to serve this community and give 110%. Thank you for taking the time to read this, hope this enough information to start and application😁