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  1. Does anyone play Summoners War. If so drop your IGN
  2. I like this..might look for some skins
  3. Proxii

    Rust Events?

    I was thinking about holding some sort of events on the server. maybe create a huge arena and gathering people up there and maybe wager items and the participants choose what weapons they will use. Or maybe a Raid the admins base. with a certain time frame thats reasonable. winner gets a pretty good prize? Comment below if you like those ideas or have any of your own.
  4. Big gay

  5. Well it comes out in August 26 but Im def gonna start a guild for us...FOR THE HORDE!!!
  6. Welcome!!! AS you may know the SUPERIOR moba is Smite by far. 😃 Looking forward to seeing you in the discord
  7. Will be there
  8. +1 would be down for a 5v5
  9. Welcome brudda!!!
  10. Proxii

    Arma 3 anyone?

    Keep in mid though...the optimization is complete ass. But you learn to love it
  11. Venocide for Best Owner 😃 Should just make a poll
  12. Proxii

    Arma 3 anyone?

    ITs got a lot of mods Altis Life wich is a Role Playing Game mode, Exile, King of The Hill etc..super fun and yea it may not be optimized but you learn to tune that out.
  13. Curious to see if anyone here plays ARMA 3..would love to play with some people..doesnt matter the server.
  14. Welcome bud bud hoping to see you on the discord! 😃