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  1. What about a zombie server? I have taken two weeks off the 5x server, and i been playing lightly on a zombie server. I gotta say, it's a bunch of fun. One thing, i feel like i can go to sleep more comfortable as their is no PVP, just zombies. Builds a huge community where people can open up stores and chat all day, all they have to worry about is 50% decay and zombies. This can also work for people that get raided on the other servers and can come here to play while the wipe comes. So far, liking it and i would love if there is a zombie server and i would not mind parting with some RL $$$ to help with plugins. So far, i think this would be a good addition to the servers we currently have. It will take some time to fill, but i believe that over time, it will become fairly populated and attract different minded players. I am here to fully support it and provide feedback and suggest according to my experience with other servers. Things you would expect from a zombie server: Full PVE Experience, no PVP and no raiding. There is other servers in Ventrix for that. Zombies... They drop goodies, and they can become a threat when you find hordes, which can become fun. 50% Upkeep, to keep from players building too big but not make it a hassle to have nice buildings on the server. Good communities, players will build malls, small towns, role playing related buildings. People will get to know each, meaning more and much bigger clans will be created in pvp servers if they want to get together and experience pvp. Community Events, Moderated events and much more! Helicopter and Bradley can be shared only with people that contribute. A store for this server, i really think the server would sell itself with people buying Pookies, Cars, oil rigs and many other things. You can put event purchases where someone pays $5 and everyone online gets pookies, supply drops or a gift. Trust me, so far when i am on, there is 40 average and people spend about $50 a day on average, that would be healthy to sustain the server and expand the server range on ventrix. Anyways, will put more of my opinions later on when im not so fked up. Lol.. drank about 10 shots of jack.
  2. Haven't met you yet, i think. But be ready, i spam the mic alot.
  3. In-Game Name Zerox Discord Name Zerox Real Name (Optional) Age 29 Gender Male Link to introduction thread https://ventrixunited.com/forums/topic/110-herroh/?tab=comments#comment-223 Steam Profile https://steamcommunity.com/id/Wiick3d/ What games are you applying for? League of Legends Rust Overwatch Minecraft Counter Strike: Global Offensive PUBG How did you find Ventrix United? Through jesus christ of nazareth Have you followed/liked any of our social media? Yes Referrer Bloodrace Have you ever been banned from a game? No If yes, please explain in detail Have you read our rules and policies? Yes Do you understand that you will be 'claimed' by a Recruiter, who will guide you through our Initiate Process? Yes
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    I caught tril molesting my pookies once. Never trusted him once again.
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    Not sure why i never really got into this forums, didn't think much of it till now. Anyways, a bit about myself. I am Ron, i am 109 years old and i love rust. I tend to talk a little too much on discord, so i get muted alot. But yea, i am chill and probably one of the most trustworthy peeps out there! (Except when it comes to pookies and M249s). jk. I love this community and will do anything in order to help it grow. I have great ideas that would probably help with making players stay in our community. I've noticed that most of our players here are passive players, meaning they aren't raid crazy. And that's why i have adapted and have stopped being a raid whore and just build and protect my base, but i will raid you if you get me going. Quote: You gib pookie and i your friend forever. - Zerox