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  1. @vRazgriz WHY NOT????
  2. Baroo

    Joji- Test Drive

    @xVepez his stuff is really good if youre into that genre, he has some other stuff under the ID of Pinkguy...but thats a whole other story. So up to you.
  3. Baroo

    Joji- Test Drive

    All she wanted was a test drive 😔😔💔💔 in all seriousness, ive been listening to this song just bc its so good.
  4. In-Game Name Baroo Discord Name Baroo Real Name (Optional) Age 20 Gender Male Link to introduction thread https://ventrixunited.com/index.php?/forums/topic/92-wuz-good/ Steam Profile https://steamcommunity.com/id/llolololololol/ What games are you applying for? League of Legends Minecraft How did you find Ventrix United? yes Have you followed/liked any of our social media? No Referrer everyone Have you ever been banned from a game? No If yes, please explain in detail Have you read our rules and policies? Yes Do you understand that you will be 'claimed' by a Recruiter, who will guide you through our Initiate Process? Yes
  6. you werent expecting me so soon, im Baroo. Thats all u gotta know besides the fact that im a Toxic Diamond 4 Midlaner™️. Uhhhhhhhhhh i like pizza, and ill play some games