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  1. Although I never specifically one tricked any operators at any given time in the season I still have my favorite Defender and Attacker- Favorite Defender- Jäger: His kit allows for any style of play, whether or not you prefer anchoring or roaming/flanking he can do it all. Favorite Attacker- Zofia: She's not the fastest but fast enough, great kit for rushing or slow strategic play and is kitted with the best AK Variant in the game (IMO) I was sad to hear they nerfed her concussion amounts but she is still a great op.
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  3. Welcome Jesssy, I'm glad you like our Rust-Prime server and the community we have to offer! Feel free to submit an initiate application anytime to start your process of becoming a full Ventrix United Member! 🙂
  4. I've played it once and the best way I can describe that confusing game is its basically kind of a murder mystery, everyone is trying to figure out who the bad guys are. Its free to play online
  5. Although there is many scientist that spawn on the monument I do believe it is balanced given the loot dropped when they are killed. The loot that spawns in locked crates and regular crates seems to be good as well. My only complaint about the oil rig is the spawn limit, given that it is so small compared to the map as a whole I think there should be at least 3-4 oil rigs that spawn around the maps waters. This will allow more players access to it and decrease the prioritization of one oil rig.
  6. I gave up on ranked in league made me too toxic lmao
  7. Welcome aboard Proxii! Hope you find what you're looking for in our community!
  8. Welcome to the Community Raz!! Join us sometime in the Discord Public channels!
  9. Welcome to the Community LANX! Hope to see you join us on Discord sometime and some of our game servers!
  10. Hey guys some new talks have been taking place about possibly releasing another Ventrix Rust Server or even more than one. Please take the time to Answer this quick poll about what servers you would be interested in seeing and/or playing on! Feel free to choose multiple options as long as they apply! If the above options don't interest you, please drop a reply below about what Server you'd like to see us release!
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  12. In-Game Name TriL Discord Name TriL Real Name (Optional) Parker Age 19 Gender Male Link to introduction thread https://ventrixunited.com/index.php?/forums/topic/85-bonjour/ Steam Profile https://steamcommunity.com/id/Tril0logy What games are you applying for? League of Legends Rust Minecraft Counter Strike: Global Offensive Rainbow Six Siege How did you find Ventrix United? A friend- Commander Guts Have you followed/liked any of our social media? Yes Referrer Commander Guts Have you ever been banned from a game? Yes If yes, please explain in detail Xbox 360 MS Account, Modding on MW2 lol. Have you read our rules and policies? Yes Do you understand that you will be 'claimed' by a Recruiter, who will guide you through our Initiate Process? Yes