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  1. Hey guys some new talks have been taking place about possibly releasing another Ventrix Rust Server or even more than one. Please take the time to Answer this quick poll about what servers you would be interested in seeing and/or playing on! Feel free to choose multiple options as long as they apply! If the above options don't interest you, please drop a reply below about what Server you'd like to see us release!
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  3. In-Game Name TriL Discord Name TriL Real Name (Optional) Parker Age 19 Gender Male Link to introduction thread https://ventrixunited.com/index.php?/forums/topic/85-bonjour/ Steam Profile https://steamcommunity.com/id/Tril0logy What games are you applying for? League of Legends Rust Minecraft Counter Strike: Global Offensive Rainbow Six Siege How did you find Ventrix United? A friend- Commander Guts Have you followed/liked any of our social media? Yes Referrer Commander Guts Have you ever been banned from a game? Yes If yes, please explain in detail Xbox 360 MS Account, Modding on MW2 lol. Have you read our rules and policies? Yes Do you understand that you will be 'claimed' by a Recruiter, who will guide you through our Initiate Process? Yes
  4. TriL


    Hi everyone my name is Parker, but I am more well known as TriL in game. I have played on the Ventrix Prime 5x Rust server for a while now so you've probably seen my name pop up in chat before. I really enjoy this community and especially the Staff members I have come to know. I play lots of different games ranging from Rust, CSGO, Arma, DayZ, R6 and League of Legends. I also really enjoy making artwork from screenshots I have taken from various games. Feel free to add me on LoL my tag is -> TrîL. My steam page you can find here along with some of my artwork -> https://steamcommunity.com/id/Tril0logy/ I like to consider myself an all around nice guy but if you ever back stab me in game, be ready.
  5. Requesting signatures of the signing of this petition. Petition guidlines are as follows.. A petition of TriL, and others addressed to Venocide, and server Devs . We the undersigned would like to bring your attention to the following problem(s), with recommendations: I. No 4 day wipes II. Revert back to weekly wipes III. Make airdrops fall at twice the speed Agreed upon by the following people (by signing below you hereby willingly state you agree to sections I, II and III’s previously addressed issues and acknowledge the changes requested as a greater good): Please sign below..