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  1. I defiantly want to look into doing scavenger hunts. Loot asteroids sounds fun lol. Hmm and new cargo missions what to you mean by that?
  2. I need some input from the community on some ideas for some events. That i can hold on the server. EX: Death-match. Scav Hunts. I need your all's input.
  3. Bloodrace


    Hey Tril, Glad you finally decided to join happy to have you here.
  4. Bloodrace


    Hi Dustin, Welcome to Ventrix United Glad to have you.
  5. Thank you for applying for Ventrix United! I will be overseeing your Initiate probation period. I will guide you through the stages needed to become a full member of the community! Good Luck! I will be wanting to have a conversation with you via discord in the up coming days when we are both free. Let me know when you are available to chat. Thank You.
  6. Welcome to Ventrix United Diggy. Glad to have you.
  7. Glad to have you Vigeur.
  8. I like those Proposed changes. Lower the spawn amount of cctv and laptops.
  9. Warpedirish You were banned for being racist with multiple warnings and a kick warning. Yet you still continued to return and do the same. As your final warning you were given a 3 hour ban. I would be for allowing you to return to play. Under the conditions that you go re-read the server rules.
  10. Steam Name ♛ Bloodrace ♛ Steam URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/bloodrace/ Steam ID 76561198181954814 Do you have any current bans we should know about? None Ever. What country and timezone are you from? USA Est Time Zone How long have you played on our servers for? About 2 weeks Why do you want to be a part of the staff team? I want to be part of the staff for Ventrix United because. I would like the opportunity to help enforce the rules and regs of our servers, To help re leave some of the work load the current admins have. I want to help Ventrix United Community and servers grow. Why should you be accepted onto the staff team? I think you should accept me as a staff member because. I believe i am a very fair and kind individual, I am very easy to get along with. Previous games i have been an admin in include World of Warcraft Private servers, I owned a Tibia Private server that had a recurring member count of around 130 players. Have you joined the community Discord? Yes Do you agree to be active on Discord at least once every 48 hours during your trial period? Yes
  11. Thanks for the opportunity to join the community. It was nice speaking with you on discord. I look forward to contributing as much as i can to help the community grow.
  12. In-Game Name Bloodrace Discord Name Bloodrace Real Name (Optional) Anthony King Age 30 Gender Male Link to introduction thread https://ventrixunited.com/index.php?/forums/topic/48-hey-ya/&tab=comments#comment-74 Steam Profile https://steamcommunity.com/id/bloodrace/ What games are you applying for? Rust Minecraft Counter Strike: Global Offensive How did you find Ventrix United? Through the Vetrix prime rust server. and chatting with a few of the admins. Have you followed/liked any of our social media? Yes Referrer Veno told me where to apply Have you ever been banned from a game? No If yes, please explain in detail Have you read our rules and policies? Yes Do understand that you will be sorted into a House and Division based off your gaming interests. Yes
  13. Hey guys im Bloodrace. Married with kids, full time HVAC apprentice by day. Video gamer/streamer by night. Games of choice are Rust, Csgo, Wow, EFT, And Scum. O and of course minecraft with the kiddos. Born and raised in Louisville, KY im 30 yrs old. Looking for a nice chill group of like minded gamers to have some fun with and grow as a community.