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    [Rust] Server Release: 2x Bi-Weekly

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    Our Rust 2x BiWeekly Wipe Server is finally here!

    With the growth of our playerbase, we have received a massive amount of requests to get this server setup. 

    Our IP:



    Current Rates and Stack Sizes

    • Resource gather rate: 2.0
    • Scrap rate: 2.5


    • Resource stack size: 10k
    • Scrap stack size: 2k
    • Component stack size: 50 (Cameras and Laptops: 20)
    • Arrows/Shotgun Shells: 64
    • Pistol/Rifle Ammo: 256
    • C4: 5
    • Rockets: 10
    • Med Sticks: 10
    • Bandages/Medkits: 5
    • Food: 20
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