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    New Discord & Recruitment Changes

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    Hey guys, we recently decided to make some changes to a handful of core parts of our community. Continue reading to find out what is changing for our old and new discord server along with the recruitment changes we are implementing!



    So the leadership team has been discussing for a while now that we would like to see a more heavy focus on our community interaction. With this in mind, we are making a brand new discord server that will be exclusively for new and current members, along with their friends. Anyone who joins the server will be placed into a "Trial" role, where if they do not reply or get sorted into the friend group will be removed from the server every Sunday. This will hopefully give our members some privacy. Another huge advantage here is that it will enable our server Staff to be the ones answering questions on the old discord server, instead of uninformed members who don't play said game.

    In regards to the old discord server, considering that the majority of the players on it are from our Rust servers, we are looking to transform it into an exclusively Rust server. This will keep focus and more as said above.The only roles on it will be the Rust staff.

    You may connect to the new Discord server here: https://discord.gg/T7fX3PC




    With the times changing away from forums to a more unified platform like Discord, us here in leadership have felt that it is in the best interests for the community to start using Discord a bit more. With this change, we will be removing Initiate applications from the forums and moving recruitment to Discord. Upon approval on discord, you will be placed into the "Initiate (FNG)" rank, where you will be on a 1 week trial period before being promoted to Member. As long as you are actively being a part of the community!


    What does this mean for Fame and such?

    With the recruitment changes, we are looking to remove the Fame requirement from Initiate applications. Fame will still be around, but will be reworked into more of a currency system in the community. With the eventual ability to gain cool perks for some of our game servers with it. 

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