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    Community Rank Structure Update

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    With the success of our servers and influx of applications, we will be reworking the community structure. Houses will be removed, possibly to come back at a later time. Divisions will be restructured entirely. Read below for more about what is changing here at Ventrix.

    The Owner is the pinnacle of Ventrix United. He will work with the staff team and community to provide the best experience possible for players and members. 


    Reports to: Owner
    Directors are the highest rank in Ventrix. This rank is only reserved for the few that manage Ventrix as a whole. They are the ones who decide on new additions and deductions for all of VxU. These people select the Division Leaders and Community Managers.


    |------------------ Server Staff ------------------|


    Division Leader
    Reports to: Director

    Division Leaders (DLs) are the people who manage all of the community servers within a certain division. Our DLs are the ones who train the new managers and work with issues regarding server-side administration.


    Server Manager
    Reports to: Division Leader
    Server Managers are the people who maintain the individual servers. They decide with their respective DLs on new ideas that could make the players’ time on the server more enjoyable. Along with developing their server, they supervise the server admins.


    Server Admin
    Reports to: Server Manager
    Server admins are the equivalent of a regular in-game server admin or operator.


    Server Mod
    Reports to: Server Admin
    Server Mods are the equivalent of a regular in-game server moderators, this rank may also be used as a specific games trial staff positions.


    Server Helper/Trial Mod
    Reports to: Server Admin
    Servers are a big responsibility to be staff on. A Helper/Trial Mod is the trial position that limits powers to chat only. As mentioned above, this rank may be overlooked depending on the game. 


    |------------------ Community Staff & Ranks ------------------|


    Community Manager
    Reports to: Director
    Community Managers (CMs) work directly with the community members. They handle the individual teams, recruitment staff, and manage any special events. CMs are the top of the Chain of Command in regards to community member rankings.


    Discord Manager
    Reports to: Community Manager
    The Discord Manager (DM) role is given to a single staff member. This person will be responsible for the Discord Admins, and will report any additions or issues regarding the server to Community Managers. 


    Discord Admin
    Reports to: Discord Manager
    Discord Admins are those individuals who are chosen to bear the responsibilities of maintaining order within the Discord server. Joining the help desk or directly messaging/poking a Discord admin are good ways to contact them should you require their assistance.


    Team Leader
    Reports to: Community Manager
    Our Team Leaders (TLs) are people who help push the community forward within their specific area. Teams are groups of members who band together to play on servers and games outside of the official Ventrix name. They may still run the Ventrix United tag in game, but will be operating separately from official clans, guilds, clubs or groups. Team Leaders manage their individual teams recruitment and policies alongside a Vice that they may elect from within their members. The TL rank reports directly to the Community Managers.


    Recruitment Manager
    Reports to: Community Manager
    The Recruitment Manager (RM) is responsible for the success of the recruitment team within Ventrix United. This role is granted access to Ventrix United's social media pages and YouTube/Twitch channels. This role is also responsible for assigning Mentors to unclaimed Initiates after 48 hours of the application being posted. The Recruitment Manager may enforce recruitment quotas on his staff team to ensure Ventrix's success.


    Reports to: Recruitment Manager
    Recruiters are in charge of handling recruitment within Ventrix's servers, Reddit, social media, etc. If given a quota by the RM, they are expected to meet the minimum required.


    Reports to: Recruitment Manager & Community Manager
    This rank is a middle ground position between a community members' personal rank within the community and a staff position. Members within this rank are expected to 'claim' an applicant to guide them through the initiation process. Mentors are allowed to have multiple Initiates they are training, although not required. This position is available to join when promoting from Warden. This allows for 2 branches off from Warden, going to Elder (No responsibility) or Mentor.


    Member, Acolyte, Veteran, Warden, Elder
    Reports to: Community Manager
    These are the generic ranks within Ventrix United, and all members and staff are allowed to progress these ranks separately from their staff rankings. These positions grant no power within the community and are just recognition among other members and leadership. To progress through these ranks, the reputation system on the website will be used. Additional perks are unlocked when progressing through these ranks, most of which are open to change at any time.


    Reports to: Community Manager, Recruitment Team, Mentor
    Any applicant is automatically given the Initiate rank upon submitting their application. These users will be either 'claimed' by or assigned a Mentor. The objective for the initiation process is for applicants to prove their worth to the community. Goals for the initiation process are listed on the How to Join page.

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