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    April 2019 News

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    March 2019 News


    This month was a extremely proactive month for the community. We've developed a stream team, recruitment team, made revisions to our servers and even released new ones! 

    Members of the Month


    SilverTrophy.pngDivision Member of the Month


    MooMooDeath (Division I)
    Proxii (Division II)
    *Divisions must have minimum of 5 members for this award*

    GoldTrophy.pngMember of the Month



    SilverStar.pngOfficer of the Month





    New Members

    As with every month, we have had a steady increase in our Initiate applications. With this being said, five of these Initiates have fulfilled their requirements to join Ventrix United as a full member. Let us welcome the Contingent of April 2019


    Mowgliman246 - II
    Knoah77 - VI
    MooMooDeath - I
    Fiddle - CI
    Mr. Oreo - III

    SkunkyBudz - I
    Deo Daemon - I
    Sinister - I
    Muppet Lover - I
    Fuzz - II
    Annaconda - I
    Rattaga - II
    Wynston - II
    Anklet22 - II
    Ayvil - CI
    Sqz0 - X



    This month was a extremely proactive month for the community. We've developed a stream team, recruitment team and revised our servers. I would however like to formally welcome a handful of people into their new positions. These people have dedicated large amounts of their personal time towards this community.


    xVepez - Appointed as Head of Recruitment
    You have shown great initiative to help grow this community. Since you rejoined you have driven to be an aide in every department of this community, regardless of whether you have been assigned to it or not. Thank you for your devotion and let's keep driving!

    Mowgliman246 - Appointed as Officer of the Recruitment Team
    Fiddle - Appointed as Officer of the Recruitment Team



    When we first restarted this community, we put a high focus on Rust and building a population on it. With how things have been with that game recently, along with recent staff changes we feel that it is in the communities best interests to switch focus to other games. Keeping this in mind, we have decided to shut down the Vanilla Monthly and 2X Biweekly servers. Hopefully with this happening we can solidify our focus onto the Prime 5X server.

    Due to us freeing up resources from the Rust servers, we have been able to begin new projects! This includes new servers for ARMA III and Modern Warfare 2: IW4X. The ARMA III project is being developed by Mr. Oreo, who has been a wonderful help. 

    With ARMA being in a steady development phase, we have taken the time to setup a handful of servers for MW2: IW4X. This is a community project similar to alterIW back in the day for Modern Warfare 2. This project 'remakes' the game by adding a server list, custom weapons and maps from other Call of Duty games, anti-cheat and the ability for server owners to customize their servers however they see fit with new server 'cvars'.  If you are interested in this game, please head over to the IW4X Tumblr page found here: https://iw4x.tumblr.com/.

    =VxU= BEST MAPS | Domination 24/7
    Current Map: mp_invasion


    =VxU= Terminal | TDM 24/7
    Current Map: mp_terminal

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