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    [Rust] May 2019 Update Notes

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    *Update notes provided by Rustafied*
    Update Summary Video


    New Bow model and skins

    The Hunting Bow has received a face lift this month. For the first time since its inception on experimental, the bow has undergone some significant shifts to its looks. This appears to be a purely aesthetic change at the moment, so no shifts to damage, timing, or anything else with regards to the Hunting Bow.

    That said, it has been made skinnable with this shift. When will we see the first bow skins come in game? We’ll see…

    Edit: The first bow skins are live on the item store!



    Arrow changes

    Accompanying the new looks for the bow, Helk has made some shifts to arrows. Here’s the low down:

    • HV arrows now cost metal fragments and have less drag

    • Bone arrows move slightly faster and have a slightly larger radius

    • Bone arrows crafting session produces 3 arrows instead of 2


    Map updates

    Garry has tweaked a bunch of things with the in game map this month. Along with being snappier and overall more optimized from a performance standpoint, the map can be zoomed out much farther and now includes the Oil Rig monuments. Additionally, the look has been tweaked due to a new shader being utilized.


    Faster right click looting

    Looting from boxes with right click has gotten a bit quicker this month. Helk has reduced the time it takes for the item to enter your inventory by a factor of around 3. This makes it much easier to grab loot on the go quicker and with less dragging.

    Note: the time has only shifted for items going in to your inventory, it still takes the same amount of time to get items from your inventory to another box via right click.


    Sewer and cave lighting

    Petur has done a bunch of work improving the lighting for caves and sewers this month. Overall he’s made things not only easier on the eye, but easier to navigate. Here are some shots of the improved lighting:



    Bandit camp lighting and tweaks

    Caves and sewers were not the only lighting tweaked this month, Petur also tweaked visuals around Bandit Camp. In addition to this, there have been some tweaks to the safe zone and an additional guard added to prevent abuse. Here are some shots:



    Fixes to Oil Rig puzzles

    After some issues last month, the puzzles on both the Large and Small Oil Rig should be working as expected after the update.

    Skinnable double doors

    We also saw some work towards making skinnable Double Doors a reality. Although not confirmed yet, it does look like we might soon be seeing skins for this highly requested item.

    Chippy Arcade Cabinet art

    Tom has added some new art for a Chippy Arcade Cabinet to his Artstation page. Chippy is a bullet hell style arcade game Facepunch has been working on for a little while now. It appears as though you’ll eventually be able to play it in Rust… Awesome!


    Other stuff:

    • Recoil reduction for the M39

    • First person tracers are smaller when zoomed in


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