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    In-Game Name AssAssIn Discord Name AssAssIn Real Name (Optional) Aleks Age 32 Gender Male Link to introduction thread https://ventrixunited.com/forums/topic/95-assassin/ Steam Profile https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198029593681/ What games are you applying for? League of Legends Minecraft Other Games How did you find Ventrix United? little venny Have you followed/liked any of our social media? Yes Referrer little venny Have you ever been banned from a game? Yes If yes, please explain in detail VAC ban on codMW3. not sure y Have you read our rules and policies? Yes Do you understand that you will be 'claimed' by a Recruiter, who will guide you through our Initiate Process? Yes
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    Hi everyone my name is Parker, but I am more well known as TriL in game. I have played on the Ventrix Prime 5x Rust server for a while now so you've probably seen my name pop up in chat before. I really enjoy this community and especially the Staff members I have come to know. I play lots of different games ranging from Rust, CSGO, Arma, DayZ, R6 and League of Legends. I also really enjoy making artwork from screenshots I have taken from various games. Feel free to add me on LoL my tag is -> TrîL. My steam page you can find here along with some of my artwork -> https://steamcommunity.com/id/Tril0logy/ I like to consider myself an all around nice guy but if you ever back stab me in game, be ready.
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    There is town of Salem Online (not steam). And cards against humanity. Just some random free games that I know hold a lot of people.
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    We should also do WiFi Smash Ultimate Tournaments
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    Honestly if I was in a zombie apocalypse I would go to the nearest store and clear them out. Then, since i have so much wood for projects, I would build a wall around my house. Then I would start a garden and get water from the rain. I have a crossbow at my house, so that would be my weapon of choice. What would be your guys shelter, weapon, and etc?
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    All she wanted was a test drive 😔😔💔💔 in all seriousness, ive been listening to this song just bc its so good.
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    Hey guys some new talks have been taking place about possibly releasing another Ventrix Rust Server or even more than one. Please take the time to Answer this quick poll about what servers you would be interested in seeing and/or playing on! Feel free to choose multiple options as long as they apply! If the above options don't interest you, please drop a reply below about what Server you'd like to see us release!
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    If you guys are interested in viewing the new website that @TriL and I are working on, you may find it by the following: Scrolling to bottom of website to the "Theme" dropdown menu. Select "Vulpes" Done! We are currently working on this new design to try and re-brand Ventrix. Currently we are looking for graphic designers so any help is welcomed. A new logo is in the works along with new server banners. Please note that anything added to the website from here on out will be designed around the new theme. Some dimensions may be off for things like the Discord viewer and such on the old Dreadnought theme. Keep an eye out! Current Projects for Website: Award Icons - See Ven. Header image Logo Finalizing the theme
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    Scavenger hunts, loot asteroids and maybe new cargo missions?
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    Welcome back buddy. Returning member from the old days, so automatic Elder. Remember to stay active on Discord and the forum. We do require a minimum of 3 posts a week now on the forum to maintain membership.
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    ╲┏━┳━━━━━━━━┓╲╲ ╲┃◯┃╭┻┻╮ ╭┻┻╮┃╲╲ ╲┃╮┃┃ 🌐 ┃┃ 🌐 ┃┃╲╲ ╲┃╯┃┗┻┻┛ ┗┻┻┻┻╮╲ ╲┃◯┃╭╮╰╯┏━━━┳╯╲ ╲┃╭┃╰┏┳┳┳┳┓◯┃╲╲ ╲┃╰┃◯╰┗┛┗┛╯╭┃╲╲
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    you werent expecting me so soon, im Baroo. Thats all u gotta know besides the fact that im a Toxic Diamond 4 Midlaner™️. Uhhhhhhhhhh i like pizza, and ill play some games
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    Hey guys, As the community grows we can finally start hosting events. I have a list of ideas so far, dates are TBD. League of Legends tournaments - This will consist of a 5 man team for Ranked Flex with weekly practice and ranked games. Esports watch party. Karaoke night - suggestion from NarwalNightmare Rust wipe days - get together with other rust player and explore the map. If you guys have any other suggestions for these events reply or DM me and I will do my best to make it happen. Happy gaming, Relentless Community Manager PS: with the release of Kingdom Hearts III tomorrow I will not be on as much as I am now, but I will check my messages frequently.
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    Lol took him long enough. Glad to finally have you aboard buddy
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    Hey Tril, Glad you finally decided to join happy to have you here.
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    Just get the damn game so you can sleep without being anxious about it!
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    I like the League team idea. Would be fun. Wish they still had the old school team system still. As for Karaoke... give me some beer and we are good.
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    I am all about the classics. Sailor Moon was the very first anime I've ever seen and its still my favorite and the Sailor Moon Crystal doesn't disappoint.
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    I personally haven't watched much anime outside of the SAO seasons, all of Dragon Ball (DB, DBZ, GT, Super), and a little bit of Naruto. Season 1 of SAO New Alicezation Opening (SAO S3)
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    In celebration of the new season beginning, I’ve put together an updated list. If I missed anything, please let me know with a comment or DM and I’ll add it to the compilation. I’ve numbered and categorized the list. Enjoy! 😃 Game companions (1-3) Pre-game analysis & counterpick tools (4-7) Stats sites (8-13) Champion stats & builds sites (14-23) International summoner stats sites (24-27) Sites for learning League (28-35) Replay & spectating watching tools (36-41) Skill tests (42-44) Coaching & mentoring (45-47) Other sites & tools (48-56) Esports stats, news, & portals (57-68) Official Riot sites & tools (69-78) Game companions 1. Mobalytics - A game companion that helps players define their strengths, eliminate weaknesses, and provides them with personalized advice on how to improve. 2. Blitz.gg - A desktop app that allows you to prepare for a game during champ select and learn from your performance once a match is over. 3. LoLSumo - A smartphone app that gives you pre-game analysis, intel, and advice on the upcoming game and situational item build suggestions Pre-game analysis & counterpick tools 4. LoLWiz - An Overwolf app that gives useful information about runes, builds, and matchups, before and during a match. 5. LoL Counter - An excellent place to go for champion counter picking information. 6. CounterStats - A very clean interface on this well-made tool makes it a great place to learn champ counterpicks. 7. Porofessor - Want to learn everything you can about live games? You can see summoner stats for ranked (solo/flex) and norms (draft/blind) with Porofessor. Stats sites 8. OP.GG - Still one of the best League of Legends stats websites out there. Player/champion data, spectate pro matches, and see leaderboards. 9. League of Graphs - A very cool stats site with lots of data visualization for warding, summoner spell win rates, pro game info and much more. 10. Poro Laboratories - A summoner stats site dedicated to keeping track of individual achievements and records. 11. Quickfind - Detailed stats for every game, win/loss for placement matches, free champion rotation for all servers, and ranked LP decay. 12. LoLProfiler - Analyzes your score and can compare your performance to the performance of specific summoners. Radar diagram shows your performance on warding, objective control and more. 13. ChampionMasteryLookup - The site’s name speaks for itself, track your own or anyone else’s mastery level and progression. Champion stats/builds sites 14. Champion.gg - Detailed information on which champions are performing well in current and previous patches. The site gives counter pick info in addition to win rates for skill builds, runes, masteries and more. 15. U.gg - Useful tool for finding the best champs and builds for for every role and ranked tier. One of the most notable newcomers since last post. 16. Pro Builds - See what builds the pros are using for different champions and gain inspiration on your item sets. 17. LoLalytics - Learn almost anything about a champion from their counters to most successful items, skill orders, and runes. 18. RuneForge - Gives recommended rune builds for every champion with explanations for why each rune is good for them. 19. Legendary Builds - Found this in the Overwolf store, looks pretty decent. 20. METAsrc - Updates every patch with analysis for champion statistics, counters, synergies, and builds. 21. LoLRift - Search for champion stats in every region and tier. Includes ability clips and even lore for reference. 22. KoreanBuilds - Want to know what your Korean high-elo counterpart is building? This is the site for you. 23. LoLMasters - A decent website with very cool meta analysis tool that shows champion play rates per lane. International stats sites 24. IPLLOL - Korean stats website. 25. FOW.KR - Korean stats website. 26. SalsaLoL - Spanish stats website. 27. Teemo.gg - A very clean statistics website available in English, Spanish or Portuguese. Sites for learning League 28. ProGuides - This is another paid service but the guides here are among the best on the Internet. These kinds of sites are worthwhile if you’re willing to invest the time in studying. 29. Skill-Capped - Very detailed video guides from top-tier players, organized and structured for a very effective learning experience. 30. Surrender@20 - One of the best ways to stay up-to-date with game announcements including new skin releases, patches, client updates, and more. 31. Mobafire - Some of the best player-created League of Legends guides on the internet, many of which go into individual champions in great detail, some even written by players up to Challenger tier. 32. League Wikia - The most detailed source of League of Legends information you could possibly hope for. 33. Summoner School - An essential subreddit for anyone learning the game. Great community and often very insightful posts. 34. NerfPlz - These guys have great info on current meta, patch note breakdowns and an excellent blog that’s educational and entertaining. 35. MoreLegends - Learn and improve with curated video guides and in-game quests. Replay & spectating tools 36. Tracking the pros - Really cool site for watching pro games, it really shines around Worlds when all the pros are in a server and playing against each other. 37. Aof.gg - An excellent downloadable replay client that will automatically record all your games. 38. Plays.tv - Records replays locally as a video file and timestamps events such as kills, deaths and assists. Less detail available than client native replays, but it’s an excellent tool and saves time. 39. Replay Hud - Replay tool available through Overwolf. Has helpful hotkeys for capturing specific recordings. 40. LoLSpectator - If you know the name of the summoner you want to spectate, check out this website. It lets you watch anyone’s games. 41. LoLStreamBrowser - An extension for Google Chrome that lets you browse LoL live streams and receive notifications for your favorites when they go online. Skill tests 42. Mobalytics Proving Ground - Refine and test your mechanical skills in a way that simulates League of Legends. 43. ROGArena.com - A cool training portal from Republic of Gamers for speed, accuracy and more. 44. Smiterino - Test your smiting ability in different scenarios and Smite damages. Coaching & mentoring 45. LoL Training House - A great place to partner up with LoL coaches or find mentees. 46. Gamer Sensei - One of the most well-known coaching sites in all of gaming. 47. XsollaAcademy - Another option to find a coach for any role and tier. Other sites and tools 48. Zeal.gg - Track your daily progress against other summoners like your own leaderboard. 49. Riftkit - Great tool that allows for training and planning by moving markers around the Rift. Share a session with friends or teammates to discuss strategy or teach the game. 50. Ultimate Bravery - Let RNGesus take the wheel in choosing your champion and build next match. Please only use in norms... 😃 51. 2ez.gg - Aggregates multiple League of Legends sites (including the subreddit) and puts them all in one place. Pretty convenient. 52. Wasted on LoL - If you’re wondering how much time you’ve invested in League of Legends, enter your summoner name into this site. 53. LoL Inactive - This website is for anyone looking for a particular summoner name and wants to check when it becomes active. 54. LoL Item Set Generator - A tool that lets you download item builds that are based on win rates. 55. League of Designs - Compiles all discussion of a champion from Riot side. Great tool for people that want to keep up with their favorite champ’s upcoming changes. 56. What Is My MMR - Find out your MMR quickly based on your recent matches you played solo. Esports stats, news & portals 57. GamesofLegends - An incredibly in-depth site for keeping track of statistics across pro Leagues around the world. 58. TheScoreEsports - Keep up with esSports news and scores. They make informative documentary videos as well. 59. Gamepedia - A very up-to-date LoL eSports Wiki - one of the best ways to keep up with split results and team roster histories. 60. GosuGamers - News, stats and team information from the League of Legends professional scene. 61. Dexerto - eSports news that’s available in English, German, Italian, French, and Spanish. 62. LiquidLegends - Team Liquid’s LoL portal contains news, excellent inside information on the pro scene and an active forum. 63. Summoners-Inn.de - A regularly updated pro LoL news site based in Germany. 64. Fragbite.se - eSports news site based in Sweden. 65. eSportspedia - A news website with lots of content on the current goings-on in the LCS and other pro League tournaments. 66. LoLeventVoDs - Your go-to place to catch up on the games you’ve missed. The vods are conveniently listed with the game start time to save you scrolling through to find the action. 67. Abios Gaming - A great interface on both the website and chrome extension for keeping up-to-date with, and receive notifications for, League of Legends pro games. 68. .Strafe - A mobile esports app, great way to keep track of scores quickly and on the go. Official Riot sites and tools 69. League of Legends - Riot’s official website. 70. Riot Esports - Riot’s official Esports site has all the latest information on the pro games as well as excellent stats for most leagues. 71. LoL YouTube - Riot’s official YouTube. 72. LoL Support - Riot’s official customer support site. 73. LoLeSports YouTube - Riot’s official eSports YouTube. 74. LoL Esports Official site - Riot’s official eSports website. 75. Riot API for developers - Riot’s official API & developer portal. 76. LoL Match History - Riot’s official match history data. 77. LoL Message Boards - Riot’s official message boards. 78. LoL Account Privacy Info - Discover how much money you’ve wasted invested wisely in League of Legends and other game-related statistics. 79. Watch.Lolesports.com - Riot's official esports viewing destination. Supports the games, schedule, standings, and VODs for all global leagues and Watch Rewards. 80. Riot.com/LEC - Riot's official LEC site.
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    Hello, My name is Vada I go by almost anything, but narwhal is most common. I play casually, I love LoL, overwatch and Civ V. I like to meet new people but i can be shy at first, I hope this community is as inviting as it sounds. I look forward to playing games with you all!
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    With the Season 9 of League beginning today, let's take a look at the new content released to celebrate this occasion. You can find Patch 9.2 Notes in another post, once they are released tomorrow afternoon. Keep in mind that this season will be sectioned into three different splits: Spring, Summer and Winter. The Spring split begins today, with an estimated ending around April or May. New Awakening trailer is an incredibly high quality animation that gives tribute to some of the champions of League. Any in return we may also see the Season 2019 Teaser.
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    KH3 is getting an early release tonight at 9pm at GameStop... 13 YEARS, 13 long years of waiting. I don't think I can get through work today without going insane. Should I get the game tonight at 9pm, or wait until tomorrow morning, be fully rested from work and enjoy it fully then.
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