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    March 2019 News This month has been a slower month in regards to recruitment and development. We have focused on refinement of current structures and growing closer as a community. With things as is, we hope to see the creation of the PR Team as an influential project. With this being said, we will be keeping this news report as short as possible in hopes of the meeting stream this weekend being able to answer a lot of the questions members may have. Members of the Month Member of the Month Proxii Officer of the Month xVepez Player of the Month Tandrane New Members As with every month, we have had a steady increase in our Initiate applications. With this being said, five of these Initiates have fulfilled their requirements to join Ventrix United as a full member. Let us welcome the Contingent of February 2019 Jesssy Proxii Donations To those of you who have chosen to help support this community and keep us running; thank you! Proxii ~S9~ TerminallyGamer EA-HuXueFei AdemZap ??? (Player's name) Promotions This month was a relatively slow month in regards to staff positions. I would however like to formally welcome a handful of people into their new positions. These people have dedicated large amounts of their personal time towards this community. xVepez - Appointed as Public Relations Staff You have shown great initiative to help grow this community with recruitment in mind. Please continue as you have been doing. Leadership sees you rising up in this community as a member and staff. Jesssy - Appointed as Rust Moderator Welcome to the team Jesssy! Great to have more players looking to help the server stay up to date. Good luck with everything.
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    Looking into it, it seems like Asuna will be a great part of the series starting in part 2. there was a recent interview with Kawahara where he mentioned a split story line. I had to translate it using google, but there was a split series mentioned in the translation. Whether he only considered it, or is actually planning on incorporating that into series is a little hard to tell, but theoretically it would be pretty interesting.
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    So I know that @Venocide has been watching season 3 of Sword Art Online, and I've been following it pretty religiously myself. Anyone else? and if so, where do you think the story will go? Will A-1 Pictures make a season 4? what do you guys think? If you guys are interested in watching the anime, and keeping up with the episodes, I'd recommend https://saoworld.com/sword-art-online-3-episode-1/. Pretty good site, and stays updated.
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    What about a zombie server? I have taken two weeks off the 5x server, and i been playing lightly on a zombie server. I gotta say, it's a bunch of fun. One thing, i feel like i can go to sleep more comfortable as their is no PVP, just zombies. Builds a huge community where people can open up stores and chat all day, all they have to worry about is 50% decay and zombies. This can also work for people that get raided on the other servers and can come here to play while the wipe comes. So far, liking it and i would love if there is a zombie server and i would not mind parting with some RL $$$ to help with plugins. So far, i think this would be a good addition to the servers we currently have. It will take some time to fill, but i believe that over time, it will become fairly populated and attract different minded players. I am here to fully support it and provide feedback and suggest according to my experience with other servers. Things you would expect from a zombie server: Full PVE Experience, no PVP and no raiding. There is other servers in Ventrix for that. Zombies... They drop goodies, and they can become a threat when you find hordes, which can become fun. 50% Upkeep, to keep from players building too big but not make it a hassle to have nice buildings on the server. Good communities, players will build malls, small towns, role playing related buildings. People will get to know each, meaning more and much bigger clans will be created in pvp servers if they want to get together and experience pvp. Community Events, Moderated events and much more! Helicopter and Bradley can be shared only with people that contribute. A store for this server, i really think the server would sell itself with people buying Pookies, Cars, oil rigs and many other things. You can put event purchases where someone pays $5 and everyone online gets pookies, supply drops or a gift. Trust me, so far when i am on, there is 40 average and people spend about $50 a day on average, that would be healthy to sustain the server and expand the server range on ventrix. Anyways, will put more of my opinions later on when im not so fked up. Lol.. drank about 10 shots of jack.
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    In-Game Name Limpan Discord Name limpan#9427 Real Name (Optional) Linus Forsberg Age 22 Gender Male Link to introduction thread https://ventrixunited.com/forums/topic/138-hey-its-me/ Steam Profile https://steamcommunity.com/id/limpisen/ What games are you applying for? League of Legends Overwatch PUBG Other Games How did you find Ventrix United? Reddit Have you followed/liked any of our social media? No Referrer Ryan Have you ever been banned from a game? No If yes, please explain in detail Have you read our rules and policies? Yes Do you understand that you will be 'claimed' by a Recruiter, who will guide you through our Initiate Process? Yes
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    Hello, my name is Linus, I'm 22 from Sweden. I play a ton of games mostly multiplayer but sometimes single-player like the souls games as of today: Sekiro. The games i play that is multiplayer are: League of legends on EUW, not sure if this is an EU or NA based clan but that's where i'm at. Apex Overwatch Rainbow six siege Path of exile World of Warcraft (very little but probebly more fun in a group) and much more, just ask away ;) As a person I'm pretty chill love to talk about most stuff. I also recently finished my education as a digital strategist, so as I'm working freelance and looking for a more stable job I currently got alot of time on my hands for my hobbies that includes training, friends and games ^^, Thanks for reading and hope to talk to you guys on discord!
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