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Major Update - Rust, Minecraft + More

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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to make an update post regarding the upcoming goals for the new year, 2019 and our success over 2018 from my point of view. I personally want to thank everyone who has positively contributed to the growth of our community along with those who have stuck around with the clan.

2018 has been a rollercoaster with Ventrix and my own personal life. For myself, transitioning into a better position at my work has really been stressful and time consuming although with the holidays, it's slowed down a considerable bit. Within the community we had a rough start with our server launch for our Rust Prime 5x server, but eventually managed to get everything sorted out and running smoothly. I really want to thank @Aphefor his hard work on config setup for both of the Rust servers. However, ultimately I feel that  2018 was a successful year.

Before I continue this post, I want to make clear that I will not be covering everything that is planned for 2019, although the projects currently under way will be discussed. This will include my goals for the community, current projects and my views on specific things. I highly encourage other leadership, division leads and server staff to make their own post for their goals for 2019.

With this being said, I believe that 2019 will be a great year for Ventrix United. With the recent spike on the Rust servers, I've gained a lot of motivation to continue to grow this community into something amazing. Even though there will be a lot of work to get things to where I would like them, I feel that we have a strong foundation for 2019.



Rust Division
Unsurprisingly the Rust community is in a better spot than where it was a year ago. With the official release of the game around the beginning of 2018, Facepunch has continually been developing awesome additions to the game. From hot air balloons and new Halloween events to the addition of the new electricity system, they really have been grinding to make the game a much better experience.

With this being said here is a list of our current Rust servers Gametrackers.




With Rust being one of our main focuses, I would like to introduce to you Division I of House Dagger. This will be our first Division, and we are excited to open up recruitment of it. Currently we are looking for a Division General to lead this to greatness. Consider this Division to be it's own small clan of what we are hoping for to be around 20 members. Keep in mind, a Division like this will be dedicated to playing together on a server (not Ventrix) and will be recruiting it's own members into the fold. 


I know that posts have been made about the Minecraft servers we are developing, although recently most everything we had was scrapped. The development itself has been slow because we are so busy with work and holiday time with families. @Empathy and I are currently working on these servers, and focus keeps getting swapped from the Vanilla network to a Modded server. Modded has tended to be a bit more difficult recently due to incompatibilities with SpongeForge.

We will keep you all updated on our progress as work resumes after the beginning of the year. 


League of Legends
League has always been a staple in my own personal group of friends. We all have grinded through the ranks and gotten as high as Diamond 2. My goal is to launch a second Division within a few weeks to try and grow a community to do In-House tournaments, have streamers, and other such promotion. 

As part of this, a League Club has already been constructed and has about 10 members currently repping the tag. If you are interested in joining get in contact with either myself or the other officers of the club: @Relentless @Empathy @Aphe

A stream team is something currently in the works on designing artwork for. If interested, make a forum post under the General Discussion tab on the forum and I will in contact with you.


Other Projects & The Future
With 2019 just beginning, I have high hopes and ambitions for this community. If any suggestions come up, please direct them to a member of the Leadership team and we can make something happen.

Future projects are going to be something the Leadership team discusses relatively soon to get a plan of attack formulated. As our servers continue to expand, our goal will be to look into other games such as Garry's Mod, Cod4, CS:GO, and PUBG. 

In order to make any kind of expansion occur, we will be heavily looking into our training program for staff and officers, along with refining our recruitment system. The goal with the recruitment system is to formulate a team of Recruiters and a couple Managers for that team. This team will operate independently of any House or Division, although the members themselves will be allowed to be part of their respective Divisions.


I believe 2019 will be a very successful year for Ventrix. As long as we have time and are motivated, we’ll get work done and get far!

I plan to make more update posts similar to this in the future.

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