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Hey everyone, hope everyone can understand that we've been hard at work fine tuning our Rust Prime server. On the sidelines we have been quietly working on a 2x, lightly modded Rust server that is due to release this Thursday, 12/20! With this being said, please expect to see us rolling out other servers fairly quickly after this one. The upcoming projects release order may vary, but the goal is to begin work on our first Minecraft servers, a Garry's Mod server, and if player counts permit, a vanilla Rust server. The priority of which of these will be determined by player interest and permitted resources. 

Ventrix [Accelerated]

  • 2x Gather
  • 2x Scrap
  • 2x Smelt Speeds + Furnace sorting
  • Kits
  • Clans
  • No Trade

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