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Welcome to Ventrix United

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Welcome to Ventrix United, the sequel everyone! This clan is back from the dead after 5 years, and we are going for a more refined setup with this community. Many people have came and gone from our group of gamers, today the goal is to solidify a community platform that will allow gamers from around the world to socialize and enjoy their time online together. Check below for information on how we will be setting this community up!

House & Division Structure
With the revival of this community we will be straying away from the standard rank system we utilized in the past. The new system will utilize a structure of being led by the Owner and his community staff with the rest of its members being formed into five major Houses. The Houses will be containing standard members, along with any server staff. Further structure will be setup once we achieve enough members to setup the separate Divisions. 

Each of the five Houses are led by a House General and made up of six or more Divisions. Four of the Houses will be home to a Prestigious Order, these Orders will be developed further as time progresses. The House and Division that each member is sorted into is decided upon by by the recruitment team and Chief of Staff. These will be contained within reports that will be reviewed at each community meeting.

Applications/Prior Members
Although we have had a fresh restart, prior members will need to reapply. The main goal of this is to clean out any inactive members, and ensure the setup of the new House structure. This also will help populate the forum and get traffic brought to the website.

Community Goals + Server Plans
As the growth of this community progresses, we will take a look towards purchasing a server box and constructing game servers, depending on the games we are focusing on at the time. Currently the main focus is on Rust, Minecraft and League. Rust will probably be the server we setup first, and it will most likely be a modded server. The future plans can definitely change however.

Current Financial State/Donation System
Currently the website and any future servers are being funded by Venocide personally. To grow the community the goal will be to setup in-game perks that players can purchase to gain access to. This will hopefully become self-sustaining in time. In the mean time until we setup servers, if users so choose to donate, they have the ability to for $7.99 a month. This will grant the rank of "Supporter" and will get you into the "Founding Member" rank also if done before December 31st, 2018. To note, auto-renewing will not be enabled (for now, at least). 

Overall - TLDR
There are many changes being made to the structure of the community in contrast to the older model. We are doing our best to make Ventrix a better place, and the steps taken should help grow our community. With this in mind, you should definitely consider Ventrix United in a beta state. Due to this, donor ranks and staff positions will be handed out at discretion by Venocide until further notice. This will help keep focus on backend structure. Like mentioned above, prior members will need to reapply for Member ranks. 

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