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New Website Beta

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If you guys are interested in viewing the new website that @TriL and I are working on, you may find it by the following:

  1. Scrolling to bottom of website to the "Theme" dropdown menu.
  2. Select "Vulpes"
  3. Done!

We are currently working on this new design to try and re-brand Ventrix. Currently we are looking for graphic designers so any help is welcomed. A new logo is in the works along with new server banners. Please note that anything added to the website from here on out will be designed around the new theme. Some dimensions may be off for things like the Discord viewer and such on the old Dreadnought theme. Keep an eye out!


Current Projects for Website:

  • Award Icons - See Ven.
  • Header image
  • Logo
  • Finalizing the theme
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