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  3. Away System We understand that there will be times that you need to step away as a Member or as an Officer because real life is too busy. To accommodate this we have an Away system that will allow members to request a Leave of Absence so that they will not be stripped of rank. This means your Chain of Command will know why you are absent for the period. To submit a request, visit the Leave of Absence sub-forum and post there. Please note: Officers and Staff are allowed to take up to 14 day Leave of Absence, maximum. If the time frame is not respected, they will be demoted.
  4. Member Achievement Requests Since it is unreasonable to ask our Officers to track every single members' progress towards various Member Achievements that exist within Ventrix United, it is each member's responsibility to post a request with supporting information (such as screenshots, or links to relevant information to support their request.) How it works Simply copy and paste the template form into a new topic within the Member Achievement Requests sub-forum. Ensure you have any relevant information already PRIOR to posting or it will be declined. A member of Staff will review your request, and if you meet the eligibility requirements, will award you the achievement Each achievement you are requesting should be in a separate topic.
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    Community Ranks Staff & Officer Ranks The Staff/Officer ranks designate the members responsible for various leadership and administrative functions within the community. Becoming an officer is selective and requires the completion of officer training to ensure only the best members are selected to become the community's leaders. For more information on Officer Training, see here. Prerequisite - Any promotion to a Staff+ Rank requires training and time served as an Officer. In order of descending seniority: Leadership Senior Staff Staff Officer Member Ranks The member ranks make up the core of the community, and some may designate responsibility. In order of descending seniority: Elder - (Selective rank with responsibilities) Champion - (Selective rank with responsibilities.) Prodigy - (Must be actively engaging community) Member - (Must pass Induction - See Initiate Induction for more details.) Initiate - (Baseline rank, new members start here.) You may find a list of rank responsibilities here. Rank vs Position It is important to understand that a rank is a tool to help a member complete the responsibilities required of their position. To read about what positions the community has and their responsibilities see Positions & Responsibilities.
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  7. Positions and Responsibilities The following record lays out each Position and their Responsibilities. A users Rank does not determine their Position, Ranks should be seen as a tool to fulfill a users Position. Leadership - Users with the Leadership rank are the driving force behind Ventrix United and maintain one of the following positions. Chief Executive Officer | @Venocide The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the owner and founder of Ventrix United, and bares the following responsibilities; Ensures the community is constantly expanding and at the forefront of its competition. Works with the Chief Technical Officer to maintain the back-end of the network. Works alongside the Chief Operations Officer to design new positions, zone new expansions and additions, manage all finances all while ensuring a growing, respectful image of Ventrix United. Chief Operations Officer | @Proxii The Chief Operations Officer (COO) is the second in command and primarily deals with the public-facing functions of the community. This role bares the following responsibilities; Oversees the entirety of the community and its members, while ensuring that daily operations are flowing smoothly. Works alongside the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to design new positions, zone new expansions and additions, manage all finances all while ensuring a growing, respectful image of Ventrix United. Works alongside the Chief of Human Resources to manage member applications, complaints, disputes, and conflicts. Chief Technical Officer | @Mr.Oreo The Chief Technical Officer (CTO) coordinates the servers and software that the network utilizes, and bares the following responsibilities; Ensures that all servers are up-to-date, have maximum up-time, and are functioning normally. Ensure all staff have proper access to their projects, and non-authorized personnel cannot access the network. Works alongside the Chief Executive Officer to maintain back-end website systems to ensure the network functions properly. Chief Administrative Officer | @ The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is the director of the community's server staff, and bares the following responsibilities; Works with the Chief Technical Officer to ensure that all game servers are running efficiently. Ensures all server staff are trained and meeting community expectations/guidelines. Manages all game servers' staff, player bases, and server structure. Chief of Human Resources | @xVepez The Chief of Human Resources (CHR) is the head of Human Resources, the individual who holds this position adheres to the following responsibilities; Manages Events Committee, along with appointing it's Events Coordinators. Works alongside the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operations Officer to select new staff for the community and find the best-fit position for each member of the staff. Works within the various group of Ventrix United to ensure that player relations, attitude, mentorship, and counseling is up to their fullest potential. Handles confidential documents regarding Member/Officer history, blacklisted members, etc. Senior Staff - Users with this position assist the Leadership team and are stand-ins when a Leader is absent. Executive Department Executive Assistant Reports to: Leadership The Executive Assistant is an assistant to the Leadership Team. Users in this position continuously work alongside the Leadership team and bare the following responsibilities; Assist Leadership with maintaining an agenda by: planning board meetings and conferences, managing staff and network reports. Acts as the Executive Board meeting Scribe to take minutes that may be used by the rest of the Executive Board. This member is present during Executive Board meetings. Executive Outreach Strategist Reports to: Leadership The Executive Outreach Strategist is in charge of overseeing social presence, community exposure, and managing potential partnerships/sponsors and competitions. This position bares the following responsibilities; Responsible for the activity and production of the official Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, and other social media platforms that Ventrix United uses. In charge of the marketing@ventrixunited.com address to manage communications between potential sponsors and partnerships. Works alongside Special Events Team to coordinate both in-house and external competitions. This member is present during Executive Board meetings. Department of Human Resources Community Managers Reports to: Chief of Human Resources Community Managers are responsible for ensuring that both members and staff are actively engaging within the community. This position bares the following responsibilities; Ensures members are remaining active on website and Teamspeak. Ensures staff and officers are performing their duties and actively engaging the community members. Responsible for handling all Officer bans. Special Events Director Reports to: Chief of Human Resources The Special Events Director is responsible for ensuring that community activities and events are regularly held. This position bares the following responsibilities; Responsible for coordinating community competitions, events, and Inductions. Compiles lists of winners and top performing members to provide to the Chief of Human Resources for recognition. Staff - Users within these roles are responsible for the upkeep and management of the front face of the community and network. Department of Server Management Head Server Administrators Reports to: Chief Administrative Officer Head Administrators are responsible for their respective servers’ staff teams and upkeep of said servers. This position bares the following responsibilities; Oversees respective servers' upkeep and population. Responsible for training of new server staff. Manages their staff team's activity on servers and forum. Division Leadership Division Leaders Reports to: Leadership Division Leaders (DL) are the core leadership within the community. This position bares the following responsibilities; Hosting meetings every 2 weeks within their Division. Manages members within their Division by engaging in their Divisions in competitions and events. Oversees the entire Division's roster, documents, and growth. Develops inter-Division friendships between members to nurture Division growth. Approves member application to their respective Division. Mentor Division Co-Leaders in leadership skills, maturity, and knowledge so that they are ready to oversee the Division one day. Division Co-Leaders Reports to: Division Leader Division Co-Leaders (DCL) help lead their Division to success.This position bares the following responsibilities; Complete assigned tasks by their Division Leader in a timely manner. Manages spreadsheets on their Division that must be updated once every 72 hours. Support and aide the Division Leader in overseeing the Division. Learn from their time being mentored by their Division Leader. This is to ensure all future Division Leaders are properly trained and seasoned. Officers - Users within these roles are responsible for the activity and honor of their teams. Team Captain Reports to: Division Leadership Team Captains (TC) lead their respective teams within their Division to success. It is also their job to encourage fair, sportsman-like gameplay and activity. This position bares the following responsibilities; Complete assigned tasks by their Division Leadership in a timely manner. Supervises their team members activity and honorable gameplay. Ensures that no team members are dishonoring the Ventrix United name. Server Admins Reports to: Head Server Administrators Server Admins (SA) are responsible for the upkeep and player population of their respective servers. This position bares the following responsibilities; Oversees respective server's upkeep, population, and moderation. Responsible for handling any cheating player reports. Basic admin duties. Members - Users within these roles are responsible for their activity and gameplay. Elder Reports to: Division Leadership Elders are dedicated members who have invested large amounts of their time into the growth of Ventrix United. They have proven that they are consistently active on all of our platforms and help by recruiting new members as often as possible. These members are privy to information that helps our expansion and continuous plans for development. Champion Reports to: Division Leadership Champions devote time to help our community grow by bringing in new recruits when they can, and act mature in all ways possible. These members have shown that they have the aspirations to continue to grow within the community. Champions are expected to be active on our forums, servers, and Teamspeak/Discord. Prodigy Reports to: Division Leadership Prodigies are active members who have proven that they are dedicated to this community. Users in this role have zero desire to take over any responsibilities within the community. Prodigies are expected to be active on our forums, servers, and Teamspeak/Discord. Member Reports to: Division Leadership Members are the baseline rank in this community. They have begun to adjust to our rules and policies and show ambition to stay and help our community continue to grow. Members shouldn’t be a stranger in Ventrix United, and should be seen around our forums, servers, and Teamspeak/Discord frequently. Special Ranks - Users within these roles are responsible for the activity and honor of their teams. Friends Reports to: Leadership This rank is served for multiple uses. This includes personal of the Leadership team, long-acquaintances of Ventrix United, past members who have made a significant impact, and owners of other communities who are friendly to Ventrix United. This position can not be requested, the CEO must assign you this role. Users in this role are equal to our baseline member rank, and are technically honorary-members of the community. These users are not responsible for day to day tasks/requirements that standard members are held to.
  8. Venocide


    Organization The following record lays out how Ventrix United is organized. Community The community is ran by the Leadership Team and is formed by Divisions. The Leadership Team is also responsible for the productivity and operation of all Ventrix United game servers. Divisions Each Division is led by a Division Leader and Division Co-Leader and have teams within them. Teams (7-15 Members) Each Division has multiple Teams. Each Team is led by a Team Captain and are filled with members. Chain of Command Given how frantic running a community can become, members following the set chain of command is absolutely necessary to maintain a smooth flowing process. Always attempt to resolve issues at the lowest ranking level possible. Only escalate if there is no resolution. Members and server patrons are expected to abide by any instruction given to you by a senior ranking officer/staff/member in your chain of command. This is key to maintaining an efficient community.
  9. Does anyone play Summoners War. If so drop your IGN
  10. the kind you eat.
  11. I like this..might look for some skins
  12. You may use this thread to give us skins that you want added to our global rust skinbox plugin. This is a VIP-donor feature exclusively, however the more skins added, the better the benefits are! Just provide us to the Steam workshop page for said skin or collection!
  13. Proxii

    Rust Events?

    I was thinking about holding some sort of events on the server. maybe create a huge arena and gathering people up there and maybe wager items and the participants choose what weapons they will use. Or maybe a Raid the admins base. with a certain time frame thats reasonable. winner gets a pretty good prize? Comment below if you like those ideas or have any of your own.
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  15. Patch Highlights Dark Cosmic Jhin, Dark Star Shaco, and Dark Star Karma will be available on June 13, 2019. Balance Framework Champions Mordekaiser The Iron Revenant Mordekaiser Gameplay Preview Mordekaiser bio Mordekaiser Behind the Scenes Ryze Q spell ranks decreased, shield removed, damage bonus now dependent on R. W now slows; Spell Flux bonus converts slow to root. Base Stats MANA400 ⇒ 300 MANA REGEN6 ⇒ 8 Q - Overload RANKS6 ⇒ 5 DAMAGE60/85/110/135/160/185 ⇒ 80/105/130/155/180 REMOVEDSHIELDNo longer grants a shield after consuming 2 Runes UPDATEDSPELL DAMAGE BONUS40/50/60/70/80% (based on Spell Flux's rank) ⇒ 10/40/70/100% (based on Realm Warp's rank) BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED25/28/31/34/37/40% ⇒ 20/25/30/35/40% W - Rune Prison RATIO1% bonus mana ⇒ 4% bonus mana COST50/60/70/80/90 mana ⇒ 40/55/70/85/100 mana BASE CROWD CONTROLRooted for 0.75 seconds ⇒ Slowed by 35% for 1.5 seconds SPELL FLUX BONUSIncreased root duration ⇒ Converts Slow to Root E - Spell Flux DAMAGE70/90/110/130/150 ⇒ 60/80/100/120/140 COST60/70/80/90/100 mana ⇒ 40/55/70/85/100 mana NEWBOUNCE HOUSENow always bounces off the primary target REMOVEDPING PONG PAINBounces no longer damage enemies REMOVEDFLUX BOMBNo longer spreads Flux to nearby enemies on unit kill R - Realm Warp RANKS2 ⇒ 3 NEWWARP DAMAGEOverload damage bonus against targets with Flux increased to 40/70/100% NEWCLOSE ENOUGHImmediately casts at max range when attempting to cast beyond that MINIMUM CAST RANGE730 ⇒ 1000 MAXIMUM CAST RANGE1750/3000 ⇒ 3000 COOLDOWN180 seconds ⇒ 210/180/150 seconds Sylas Passive now stores up to 2 charges; base damage increased; AoE damage less effective against minions. Q detonation damage and AoE range decreased on minions. W heal increased. E shield adjusted and cooldown increased later. Passive - Petricite Burst NEWCHARGESNow stores up to 2 charges which will be consumed on subsequent basic attacks BASE DAMAGE5-47.5 (levels 1-18) ⇒ 9-60 (levels 1-18) NEWMINIONS ARE FRIENDSDeals 70% less damage to minions Q - Chain Lash DETONATION DAMAGE45/70/95/120/145 (+0.60 ability power) ⇒40/60/80/100/120 (+0.40 ability power) DETONATION AOE200 range on minions ⇒ 180 range on minions W - Kingslayer HEAL60/80/100/120/140 (+0.4 ability power) ⇒ 70/90/110/130/150 (+0.50 ability power) E - Abscond/Abduct REMOVEDABSCOND SHIELDNo longer shields himself for 2 seconds on first cast COOLDOWN18/16/14/12/10 seconds ⇒ 18/17/16/15/14 seconds NEWABDUCT SHIELDGrants a 80/115/150/185/220 (+1.0 ability power) shield on enemy champion or monster hit for 2 seconds Yuumi Base health increased. Passive mana refund decreased early; shield decreased. W shared adaptive force adjusted; dash now interruptible by all CC. Base Stats HEALTH432.36 ⇒ 480 Passive - Bop N' Block MANA REFUND40-160 (level 1-18) ⇒ 30-160 (level 1-18) SHIELD80-360 (+0.40 ability power) ⇒ 80-300 (+0.30 ability power) Q - Prowling Projectile BUGFIXFixed a bug where the missile would not spawn towards the cursor as intended W - You and Me! KILL THE CATEnemies now gain an assist on Yuumi when damaging the ally Yuumi is attached to UPDATEDSHARED ADAPTIVE FORCE5/9/13/17/21% of her attached ally's adaptive force ⇒ 5/7/9/11/13 flat adaptive force (+4/7/10/13/16% of her attached ally's adaptive force) AND I OOPYuumi's dash can be interrupted by knock-ups and knockbacks⇒ Yuumi's dash can be interrupted by any immobilizing CC BUGFIXFixed a bug where Yuumi would detach unintentionally when trying to attach to another champion outside of her range Quality of Life Changes SPECTATOR MODERange rings for Yuumi's Q, W, and R no longer show on Spectator Mode SNEAKY SNEAKSYuumi now gains the same stealth screen overlay and fade on her model when attached to a champion in stealth SADAKO'S JEWELRYThe ally that Yuumi's attached to now has a ring around them that only Yuumi can see Simple Champion Changes Aatrox Passive cooldown now scales based on level. R healing bonus now only applies to self-healing. Passive - Deathbringer Stance COOLDOWN15 seconds ⇒ 24-12 (level 1-18) seconds R - World Ender HEALING BONUSAll incoming healing ⇒ Self-healing only Ashe W cooldown decreased. W - Volley COOLDOWN15/12.5/10/7.5/5 seconds ⇒ 14/11.5/9/6.5/4 seconds Caitlyn Base attack damage increased. Base Stats ATTACK DAMAGE58 ⇒ 60 Irelia E cooldown increased; range decreased E - Flawless Duet COOLDOWN14/13/12/11/10 seconds ⇒ 18/16.5/15/13.5/12 seconds RANGE850 ⇒ 775 Karma Q slow increased. E cost decreased; movement speed duration increased to match shield duration. Q - Inner Flame SLOW25% ⇒ 35% E - Inspire COST60/65/70/75/80 mana ⇒ 50/55/60/65/70 mana MOVEMENT SPEED DURATION1.5 seconds ⇒ 2.5 seconds (now matches shield duration) Lulu VFX on all abilities updated. E shield increased; cost decreased later. VFX Updates BASIC ATTACKNew purple-ier missiles and hit effects ALL SKINSCleaned up to match the new effects on the base skin DRAGON TRAINER LULUPix now shoots out small pink fireballs E - Help, Pix! SHIELD70/105/140/175/210 ⇒ 80/115/150/185/220 COST60/70/80/90/100 mana ⇒ 60/65/70/75/80 mana VFXCleaned up shield (on allies) and improved Pix's teleport and hit effects (on enemies) Passive - Pix, Faerie Companion VFXCleaned up Pix's bolts Q - Glitterlance VFXNew purple-ier missiles and hit effects W - Whimsy VFXCleaned up buff effect (for allies) and missiles/hit effects (on enemies) R - Wild Growth VFXFairy dust, an entirely new and pretty AoE, and cleaned up enemy hit and slow effects Master Yi Passive - Double Strike BUGFIXFixed a bug where Master Yi's Double Strike stacks were lasting 3 seconds instead of 4 Nautilus Q base damage decreased early. Q - Dredge Line BASE DAMAGE100/145/190/235/280 ⇒ 80/130/180/230/280 Zac W base damage increased. R knockback distance and chunk spawn adjusted. W - Unstable Matter BASE DAMAGE15/30/45/60/75 ⇒ 25/40/55/70/85 R - Let's Bounce! KNOCKBACK DISTANCE400 units away from Zac ⇒ 250 units from where target is hit CELL DIVISION CHUNK SPAWNEach enemy champion spawns a chunk the first time they're hit by a bounce (subsequent bounces on the same enemy won't spawn additional chunks) ⇒ Each bounce that hits one or more enemy champions spawns a chunk (hitting the same enemy still spawns a chunk) Items Corrupting Potion Bonus magic damage flattened. BONUS MAGIC DAMAGE15-30 (level 1-18) over 3 seconds ⇒ 15 at all levels over 3 seconds ARAM Balance Changes END OF GAME MASTERY GRADEModified calculations to be more accurate for ARAM 9.12 Nerfs FIORA+8% damage dealt & -8% damage taken ⇒ No changes compared to other modes JHIN-5% damage dealt ⇒ -8% damage dealt KASSADIN+10% damage dealt & -5% damage taken ⇒ -5% damage taken KATARINA+8% damage dealt & -8% damage taken ⇒ +5% damage dealt & -5% damage taken LUX-10% damage dealt & +8% damage taken ⇒ -10% damage dealt & +10% damage taken NIDALEE+15% damage dealt ⇒ +12% damage dealt QUINN+10% damage dealt & -10% damage taken ⇒ +8% damage dealt & -8% damage taken REK’SAI+18% damage dealt & -10% damage taken ⇒ +12% damage dealt & -10% damage taken SEJUANI-10% damage taken ⇒ -8% damage taken SONA-10% damage dealt & -15% healing done & -15% shielding done & +12% damage taken ⇒ -15% damage dealt & -18% healing done & -18% shielding done & +15% damage taken TAHM KENCH+8% damage dealt & -8% damage taken ⇒ -5% damage taken TALON+10% damage dealt & -5% damage taken ⇒ -5% damage taken TRUNDLENormal ⇒ +5% damage taken MORDEKAISER+5% damage dealt & -5% damage taken ⇒ No changes compared to other modes 9.12 Buffs CORKINormal ⇒ +5% damage dealt & -5% damage taken ELISE+5% damage dealt ⇒ +5% damage dealt & -5% damage taken FIZZ+5% damage dealt ⇒ +5% damage dealt & -5% damage taken GALIO+5% damage taken ⇒ No changes compared to other modes ILLAOI+5% damage taken ⇒ No changes compared to other modes JARVAN IVNormal ⇒ +5% damage dealt & -5% damage taken KARTHUS-8% damage dealt ⇒ -6% damage dealt KLEDNormal ⇒ +5% damage dealt & -5% damage taken NOCTURNE+5% damage dealt & -10% damage taken ⇒ +10% damage dealt & -12% damage taken RIVEN+5% damage dealt ⇒ +5% damage dealt & -5% damage taken SWAIN-6% damage dealt & +6% damage taken ⇒ -5% damage dealt YORICK-5% damage dealt & +8% damage taken ⇒ -5% damage dealt & +5% damage taken VFX Updates Amumu BASIC ATTACKNew hit effects PASSIVE - CURSED TOUCHCleaned up existing effects Q - BANDAGE TOSSAdded a subtle effect to show the width of his missile and brightened the tip of it W - DESPAIRNow displays a reflection and has a better representation of the hitbox. New, more condensed impact effect. E - TANTRUMNew AoE, now with sand, and a better representation of the hitbox R - CURSE OF THE SAD MUMMYMore sand and actual Shuriman runes ALL SKINSCleaned up to match the new effects on the base skin SAD ROBOT AMUMUNew, robot-y effects across all his abilities Tryndamere BASIC ATTACKNew hit effects and adjusted weapon trails PASSIVE - BATTLE FURYNew rage indicator effect Q - BLOODLUSTMore visible heal effect with reduced noise W - MOCKING SHOUTAdded a cast effect that shows range E - SPINNING SLASHNew effect that shows the actual width of the AoE R - UNDYING RAGENew activation and buff effects ALL SKINSCleaned up to match the new effects on the base skin DEMONBLADE TRYNDAMERENew FI-YAHHHHHHHHHHHH-ERY effects Ziggs BASIC ATTACKNew sparky missiles and hit effects PASSIVE - SHORT FUSEEmpowered hits are more explode-y; missiles are more sparky Q - BOUNCING BOMBMore sparks, new missile, and the explosion now leaves a crater that shows the size of the AoE W - SATCHEL CHARGENew explosion that leaves behind a crater; new upward movement to reinforce the knock-up feel; new hit effects; adjusted AoE indicators to match hitbox E - HEXPLOSIVE MINEFIELDSubtle trail on the missiles and range indicator on the mines. Also leave small craters on impact. And of course, more sparks! R - MEGA INFERNO BOMBMUSHROOM CLOUD AND MORE SPARKS! New cast, indicators, missile, AoE, and hit effects. MAD SCIENTIST ZIGGSNow with more bubbles and green goo POOL PARTY ZIGGSCleaned up the noise on his abilities and adjusted to better match the rest of the skin line SNOW DAY ZIGGSCleaned up the noise on his abilities and added some warmth to his missiles and explosions ARCANIST ZIGGSAdded the crater in his ultimate and updated the indicator to match the base skin's ODYSSEY ZIGGSAdded the crater in his ultimate Bugfixes Warwick's Q - Jaws of the Beast tooltip now lists the correct AP ratio Split rewards now display on Ranked Armor on the Loading Screen The "End-of-Vote" flash on the Surrender box no longer re-appears when the timer expires for those who have already voted The Surrender box can now be properly be moved around Headhunter Nidalee's Q - Javelin Toss's javelins have been adjusted for colorblind players to better see them Jhin's Q - Dancing Grenade now properly bounces to other targets even after its damage is consumed by Sivir's E - Spell Shield Upcoming Skins & Chromas The following skins will be released this patch. Grab the League Displays app for full-res splash art! Dark Cosmic Jhin Dark Star Karma Dark Star Shaco The following chromas will be released this patch: Dark Star Shaco Dark Star Karma Dragonslayer Braum Points of Interest from the 9.12 PBE Cycle Here's a brief look at many of the new things included in patch 9.12. This coverage includes preview screen shots and video taken during the 9.12 PBE cycle and may vary slightly from what is pushed to live. Champion Update: Mordekaiser The Mordekaiser champion update will be available with patch 9.12! Mordekaiser, the Iron Revenant Updated Skins Each of Mordekaiser's skins have also been updated: Dragon Knight Mordekaiser Infernal Mordekaiser Pentakill Mordekaiser Lord Mordekaiser "Some of Mordekaiser's party complain that the Dark Paladin class is horribly overpowered and should be banned, despite its official inclusion in the latest Riftquest expansion. The rest of them are still waiting to discover the Dark Paladin's secret, redeeming, tragic backstory... but all they've been getting is a lot of murder instead." King of Clubs Mordekaiser Champion Skins Three new skins are will be available sometime during the patch: Dark Cosmic Jhin 1820 RP (Legendary) "Jhin was an interstellar entity, consumed by the Dark Star and given new purpose. Now, his ageless mind is infected by visions of omnipotence, and consumed by an insatiable hunger. He scours entire regions of space seemingly on a whim, using the remnants to create bizarre, silent objets d'art." Dark Star Karma 1350 RP "Karma was a galaxy-spanning civilization dedicated to pacifism and personal enlightenment, unceremoniously erased from reality and reborn as a star-consuming horror. Devouring entire galactic systems, she enforces a dread order upon the cosmos, meditating in the vast oceans of emptiness where once there were stars." Dark Star Shaco 1350 RP "Shaco was once a region of space known for raucous celebration, wiped clean by the Dark Star and reborn into the mocking visage of a jester. His twisted cackling reaches inhabited systems long before he does, provoking visions of destruction, and societal breakdowns that will soon feed his endless hunger." Chromas New sets of chroma for Dark Star Karma, Dark Star Shaco, and Dragonslayer Braum will be available sometime during the patch: Dark Star Karma [8 Chroma] Dark Star Shaco [5 + LPP Exclusive] Dragonslayer Braum [4 Chroma] Summoner Icons New summoner icons will be available sometime during the patch: Dark Cosmic Jhin Icon, Dark Star Shaco Icon, Dark Star Karma Icon 2019 Bilibili Gaming Level 1 Icon, 2019 Bilibili Gaming Level 2 Icon, ETC. Emotes LPL emotes will be available sometime during the patch: 2019 Bilibili Gaming, 2019 Dominus Esports, ETC. Ward Skins Forty-seven ward skins were added, and look to be for the Team/Fan pass, with a few blank placeholder wards and the rest with team logos: Team logo texture examples: VFX Updates for Amumu, Lulu, Tryndamere and Ziggs Here's Riot Sirhaian with a thread on VFX updates for this cycle, check out these VFX update spotlights:AmumuZiggsLuluTryndamere Dark Cosmic Jhin Login Theme A new login theme featuring Dark Cosmic Jhin will be available sometime during the patch: [Still Image / Music] Miscellaneous New loot assets added: 4800 BE Champion Capsule: "Need a boost to break the League lull? This capsule contains a free unowned champion worth 4800 BE and a skin for that champion." 3150 BE Champion Capsule: "Need a boost to break the League lull? This capsule contains a free unowned champion worth 3150 BE." Watermelon Orb: "For Turkey only! From this juicy and delicious orb, you can get one guaranteed skin shard with a 15% chance for bonus Orange essence equivalent to the upgrade cost, and 1.5x gemstone and mythic skin drops."
  16. This is a full guide by kENN1N. Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1295866189\ Map Callouts - Big Pictures To view the pictures in full size click one of these links and left click the picture it should grow to original size. If you want a custom size picture all you need to do is press and hold down CTRL on your keyboard and start scrolling with your mouse. Coastal Derailed ManorHouse V2 Liberation Invasion Savoia Docks Working on getting Vanguard overview. Map Callouts Pictures Coastal Derailed Liberation Manorhouse v2 Invasion Savoia Docks Map Overviews No Callouts ( For Strats ) Coastal Derailed Docks Invasion Liberation Manorhouse V2 Savoia Graphics It's all preference but i have some recommended stuff. With the current 2019 update you have 2 options " Beauty " or " Performance " i play with Performance. Resolution = 1920x1080 DisplayMode = Fullscreen Vsync = Disabled Fov = 95 Framerate Cap = 200 ---------------------------------- Textures = Low AntiAliasing = Low Shadows = Low ( Medium Shadows let you see enemies shadows ) Effects = Low Post Process = Low Foliage = Off Resolution Quality = 100 Texture Streaming = Disabled ( On if you experience stutter ) Motion Blur = Disabled Forward Rendering = Disable it if you want (New Renderer) - Enable otherwise ( Old Renderer). Forward Rendering Explained Controls Like graphics it's preference but i'll show you what i got. Mouse Sensitivity = Sensitivity Converter [jscalc.io] Mouse Aim Scale = 1 ( Default is 1, while aiming it's now a 1:1 ratio of your Mouse Sensitivity ) Mouse Sensitivity FOV Scale = Enabled Invert Look = Disabled Binds This is most definitely preference but i got two old binds from Call of Duty 4 that i'd still like to use. Run / Run Toggle = I switched to normal Run instead of Toggle, it just feels better. Melee Attack = I binded it to Scroll Down, it's easier to use when stressed. Gameplay Some of them are preference but others are recommended, check for yourself. Head Bob = Disabled ( Your screen wont bounce when jumping or getting hit, nice in competetive ) Objective Marker Scale = 0.5 ( Makes the " A " & " B " marker from bombsites way smaller but still easy to spot ) Show FPS = Show ( Nice to see how it runs, if you got steam overlay fps counter then Disabled ) Individual Player Info In Overview = Disabled ( It now says how many alive in numbers instead of pictures ) Weapons Viewmodel is preference, but im a former CoD4 Promod player so i want my old viewmodel here. Fixed Weapon View Model = Disabled Left Handed View Model = Enabled Forward = 5 Up = -2 Right = -2 Server Admin Commands Server Commands All start with "Server." Config.<CONFIG_NAME> <VALUE> Change server config values Restart Restart the server Shutdown Shutdown the server EndRound Force end the round Pause Pause the game - use again to unpause WinRound Force win the round LoseRound Force lose the round LoadNextGame Load the next map/mode in the rotation ChangeMap <MAP> <MODE> Change to a map + mode Announce <MESSAGE> Announce a message to everyone in the server Invulnerable Toggle to make yourself invulnerable GiveWeapon <WEAPON NAME> Give a specified weapon to yourself GiveGrenade <NUM> Give a grenade to yourself GiveSmokeGrenade <NUM> Give a smoke grenade to yourself GiveAmmo <NUM> Give ammo to yourself DisconnectAll Disconnect everyone from the server AddBot <NUM> Add a bot to the server KillBots Kill all bots KickPlayerByName <NAME> Kick player by name KickPlayerBySteamID <ID> Kick a player by their steam id ListPartyMembers List all party members ChangeToTeam <0 or 1> Change yourself to team State <STATE_NAME> Change the game state to (WaitingToStart, CountdownToStart,SetupRound, PostRound, PostMatch) Cmd.GetPlayerStats will dump out the entire session player info. Server.config.FillEmptySlotsWithBots true/false - Bots on server or not Connect connect <IP>:<PORT> and if you have a password: connect <IP>:<PORT> password <PASSWORD> Server + Game Configuration Some basics customization: In the DefaultGame.ini search for the heading [/script/shootergame.battaliongamemode] and you should see something like: ServerName= Change this to the name you want players to see your server as Password= Add a password here if you want TeamNames="ALLIES" Change the name of Team 1 TeamNames="AXIS" Change the name of Team 2 PlayMode=Arcade Set the play style of the server. Most admins will want "Arcade", however "Comp" and "Unranked" are also available. These configurations mirror the matchmaking options. StartType=ReadyUp Here you set how the server will start. You can choose between: "ReadyUp" requires all players to ready up before the game begins, "PlayerCount" waits until the number of players is bigger or equal to the "RequiredPlayers" config variable, and "Skip" which will start the server immediately. This is what i've changed in my game, any settings not shown in the guide means i left it at default. Watching Demos & Locate Demo Folder - By Nyx ( Creator ) To enter the demo folder open a Run window by pressing Windows Key + R Type %localappdata% and hit enter In there find the Battalion folder Thats where all your demos get saved So you can grab someone's steam id inside the demos if you go to Esc > Social > View Profile while viewing a downloaded demo. Its the same way as if you were still in a game with the players. If you happen to catch someone exploiting, griefing or cheating in games and you want to get their steamid to identify the player but the game has finished, you can still view their profile inside the demo // Thanks to Deimoz! Strafe Jumping ( By Phantasy ) Strat Mode & How to follow grenades ( Practice ) Strat Mode Create a LAN game with the strat mode advanced setting turned on. When in-game stay in warmup-up mode. Give yourself grenades/smokes with these 2 commands Server.GiveGrenade 100 Server.GiveSmokeGrenade 100 To follow the grenade Press & Hold on the key Z If it doesn't work, make sure the "FollowGrenade" keybind is set in the settings menu under the heading "Spectator" Follow Nades Explained Credits /LuckyTooth from Reddit Credits /Kroonyt from Youtube Host a free Battalion 1944 server for nade practice with friends To host a Battalion 1944 server for free to show your friends a grenades or maybe a cool smoke Go to FSHOST[fshost.me] Press " Free Server " in upper right corner Now make a account and follow the guidelines When you're logged in click on " Free Server " again and choose Battalion 1944 Choose Server Location - Hostname - Slots & Steamid64 To find your steam id copy the link to your steam profile by going to your profile right click and press " Copy Page URL " Go to STEAMID LOOKUP[steamid.io] and paste the link to your profile Copy the steamID64 and paste it on FShost site in the correct box Hit start server and you should get an IP to the server For server commands check out my section " Server Admin Commands " Developers & Map Makers Dev KIT[www.epicgames.com] EAC Timeout Fix Right click Battalion 1944 on your steam library Choose "Properties" Choose the "LOCAL FILES" tab Click "BROWSE LOCAL FILES" Open folder "EasyAntiCheat" Run EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe From Easy Anti Cheat Setup choose "Battalion 1944" Click "Repair Service" After the setup has repaired the service click "Finish" Huge thanks to Wirta for that. Menu Stuttering Fix & CPU / Performance Issues Close the game - Verify that your game & faceit is closed in task manager Press Windows Key + R to open a run window Type %localappdata% and hit enter Navigate to FACEITApp and delete everything inside Restart your PC Open Battalion and go to Settings > Online > Disconnect FaceIT account Go to Play > Competetive and type in your credentials Have fun FaceIT CPU / Performance Fix[support.faceit.com] FaceIT League & Elo Explained FaceIT League Explained[support.faceit.com] FaceIT Elo Explained[support.faceit.com] Jumpspots & Tricks by Prymis Huge thanks to Prymis for this incredible work! Smokes, Grenades & Tricks by FRESHY Im proud to be able to introduce you FRESHY, he will be delivering Smokes/Grenades & Tricks in his videos and im allowed to share it here with you guys - Check out his guide aswell! How to practice Grenades & Smokes Coastal Nades & Smokes Liberation Nades & Smokes Manorhouse V2 Nades & Smokes 5 things you didn't know about B44 Huge thanks to FRESHY for that! Credits Thanks to tool // Helping alot with CalloutsThanks to Koalaty // Link to Devkit, Forward Rendering & Lots of AssistThanks to How1e // Delivering Invasion CalloutsThanks to Viper // Delivering Docks OverviewThanks to Seep // Delivering Docks CalloutsThanks to Moody // Delivering rest of the OverviewsThanks to Jangeru // Savoia calloutsThanks to Phantasy // Strafe TutorialThanks to KonfigFPS // Menu Stuttering FixThanks to Wirta // EAC Timeout FixThanks to Prymis // Jumpshots & Tricks VideoThanks to LuckyTooth // Stratmode TutorialThanks to Kroonyt // Follow Nades ExplainedThanks to Nyx // How to watch Faceit Demos & Locate Demo FolderThanks to Dark // Pinned my Guide on DiscordThanks to FRESHY // Linked my guide in his & provided videos for the guide!Thanks to Battalion Discord Community // Helped me more than you know!
  17. Cloud 9 is #1  in the LCS for this split... Will TL make a comeback?

  18. Horseback riding is in! At long last, horseback riding is here! Newmans can now take to the plains of Rust on their trusty steed. Below are some details on this exciting new feature. Getting started In this first pass of the system, all horses now spawn with a saddle on them. At the moment, wild horses are just standing around - they don’t appear to run away from you as you approach, so mounting them is very easy. To mount one, simply walk up to it and press E when you see ‘Ride Horse’. You’ll immediately be able to start walking around and enjoying the glorious new horse clomping sounds. Edit: About 40 horses spawn on each 4k procedural map. How to navigate Navigating while on a horse is pretty straight forward. You press W to move forward; A and D to steer (there is no reverse gear on horses at the moment). Press control to have the horse rear on it’s two hind legs and let out a loud neigh. If you want to dismount, simply press spacebar. To gallop, hold shift and they’ll go faster (while they have the stamina - see below). Weapons can be fired and items thrown while on horseback. Also, you can freelook with your mouse at all times when on a horse. Stamina Horses have an entirely new stamina system. When you mount a horse, you’ll notice a little yellow bar with a lightning bolt icon appears on top of your vitals. By default, this bar is half full. As you gallop, the bar will drop. Once empty, your horse will let out a tired sigh and stop running till you give it a chance to recharge a bit. You can fill this bar up more by feeding your horse… Feeding Surprise, surprise, your horse likes to eat. They will eat all types of food, simply drop it on the ground in front of them and they’ll gobble it up. You can also walk up to plants like corn and pumpkins and the horse will automatically start chomping away. As you feed your horse the max stamina bar will gradually fill up. You guessed it, the more stamina it has, the longer it can run. Initial tests show the stamina bar maxed out after ~15 pumpkins or ~18 corn. Edit: Horses will stop eating if they are totally full. They also get a speed boost if they have eaten a lot. Health Horses of course have health, can be damaged, and need to be healed. No, you don’t equip a hammer and start whacking… simply feed them (by dropping food or walking up to a plant) and they’ll heal right up. At the moment, horses have 750hp (which you can see once it’s damaged a bit). Initial tests have a horse dying in about 15 bow shots, 19 pistol shots, or 15 shots from an AK. It doesn’t look like which part of the body they get hit has any effect on damage dealt at this time. Don’t be shocked if these numbers change in the near future. Terrain Horses don’t like deep water or very steep hills. They won’t go in water much deeper than their belly, but there are some rivers which you can wade through. They’ll slow down a bit as you walk up a hill, and just basically stop if it gets too steep. Big rocks and boulders are not your friend; your horse will simply stop when encountering such objects. Also important to note: horses travel faster and use less stamina on roads. Storage With regards to parking your horse, although you can’t hitch them to a post quite yet, you can get them inside a garage door and leave them. Although garage doors work, you’ll be quickly dismounted if you try to fit them through a normal or double door. They also don’t seem to like steps too much (but armored appear to work better). At the moment, horses just kind of stay put when you’re not on them. Helk told me he is still working on decay, but I imagine you’ll have to feed them when stationary inside so they don’t die. Edit: Horses will decay in about 3 hours when outside. If they are stored inside, they actually decay faster. Mounting or eating will reset the decay timer on horses. As mentioned above, there are about 40 horses on each 4k map at a time. More to come Keep in mind, this is a first pass! Helk told me more advanced things like hitching will come next month. As with all fresh functionalities, it’s very likely for bugs and glitches to be present at launch. Edit: Helk clarified the goal is to add troughs and hitches to be able to keep a horse indefinitely. For the time being, the decay is rather quick to help discourage horse hoarding. Lower research costs Learning all your precious blueprints has gotten a bit easier this month with the reduction of scrap costs for rare and very rare items. Here’s a lowdown: Rare Old cost 250 New cost 125 Very rare Old cost 750 New cost 500 UI overhaul As you load Rust after the update, you’ll notice a completely new look to the main menu. Garry, after reworking the Steamworks integrations of the game, has done an overhaul of the main menu UI. Gone is the crowded screen of recent servers, news, friends, workshop items, and stats. Now, there is simply a clean menu on the left, small icon links on the right, and a peaceful video of the game scenery which changes each time you load the game. As you click around the menu on the left, you’ll notice some shifts to the layout and positioning of various features. Overall, everything that was there can still be found (with the exception of some global stats). Additionally, several improvements and new features have been added. Server browser improvements Most exciting, Garry has greatly improved the server browser. Along with making it more responsive to refreshing and scrolling, he’s added the ability to see and sort by last map wipe. He’s also added an output of which friend is in each server (in green text) so you can easily join the server your team is playing on. On top of all this, he’s optimized the whole thing, so it quickly displays more servers while using less overhead on your computer. In game store Buying skins has gotten a whole lot more convenient this month as Garry also added a in game store. Now, instead of alt-tabbing out to browse to the item store, you can simply press escape and browse all the latest skins in game. Click on the ones you like to see the details, add them to your cart, then checkout (which pops up a steam overlay payment / confirmation window). Easy peasy! Oil rig nerf and fixes Given many requests from the community, Helk has nerfed the scientist loot on the Oil Rig monuments. After some initial testing, it appears as though loot is now significantly lower. Although meds and ammo appear to be roughly the same, components and guns are dropping at much lower rates. In addition to the nerf, Alistair has fixed a bunch of miscellaneous issues and annoyances with the Oil Rig monuments. Long and short: he’s fixed projectiles being rejected, various jumping issues, and some false antihack triggers. Scrolling sleeping bags In a great quality of life shift, Garry has made it so the sleeping bag list scrolls while on the death screen! Improved fonts You might notice fonts for chat and character name tags looks better. This is a result of Garry utilizing a little program from the Unity asset store called Textmesh Pro. Basically, this program replaces the default Unity UI text and text mesh with advanced text rendering techniques and custom shaders, making text just look better. Water storage shifts Helk has tweaked some things with regards to water storage. First, water jugs now spawn with less water than before. Also, you can now pick water barrels up after placing them (with a hammer). Unity 2019.1.1 update A new version of Unity (the underlying engine which Rust runs off) is in play this month. Although you won’t see much of any differences to gameplay due to this update, it does include various numbers of fixes and a couple things to make the devs life easier. Incremental garbage collection One of the most exciting things to come with the upgrade to Unity 2019.1.1 is the ability to try out incremental garbage collection. This functionality splits up the garbage collection process over multiple frames with a goal of reducing the number of jarring hitches and frame drops in games. If it works, this could increase the overall smoothness of the game by reducing those annoying FPS drops. Improved player movement Helk has made a small but valuable quality of life change with regards to movement. Requiring less jumps, player movement will now automatically bump over small curbs and steps. Bandit town fog Petur has tweaked some of the fog effects in Bandit Town. It is now about half as saturated, and a bit more brownish. Also, the fog is less bright at twilight and the render distance has been tweaked. Skin fixes The team continued working on fixing the various issues with custom skins not loading / working which have plagued the game for the past several months. Are these problems totally resolved? Well the team has seen no issues on staging this month. As Alistair told me: “We've seen no problems so likely they're broken.” Visual fixes Helk completed several miscellaneous visual fixes this this month. Here is a summary: UI scope no longer scales with UI scale Viewmodels no longer lag behind when in vehicles Scope no longer freaks out and lags behind when on vehicles Muzzle flashes no longer simulate at low fps when in the distance Giant Excavator not in The latest monument, Giant Excavator, will not be making it in this month. Although it’s always exciting to have a new monument in the game, it’s only really awesome when said monuments are complete and tested. This delay with give the devs another month to work on it, so hopefully we’ll see the Giant Excavator come July. Other stuff Weapon textures and VFX have been greatly optimized! Silent boat bug fixed Garry working on some HDRP stuff Optimized looking up items by short name Server print when connected / disconnected from Steam Watchtowers can no longer be placed under terrain (exploit fix) Key lock no longer uses code lock guide mesh Removed placeholder cube and used building plan while deploying locks Fixed water junkpiles despawning when players were nearby Doorways render as full walls in reflection pass to prevent light bleeding Update Notes Credited to Rustafied.com
  19. Patch Highlights Little Demon Tristana will be available on May 30, 2019. Champions Akali Passive energy refund decreased late; damage ratio decreased. Passive - Assassin's Mark ENERGY REFUND10/20/30 ⇒ 10/15/20 DAMAGE RATIO0.9 bonus attack damage and 0.7 ability power ⇒ 0.6 bonus attack damage and 0.5 ability power Amumu Passive bonus true damage decreased. Passive - Cursed Touch BONUS TRUE DAMAGE ON CURSED TARGETS13% ⇒ 10% Ekko Basic attacking after E no longer delayed due to animation. E - Phase Dive CLEAN HITSEkko will now consistently basic attack at his regular cadence after using Phase Dive instead of having to wait for his animation Galio W base damage decreased, damage ratio increased. E damage decreased. W - Shield of Durand MINIMUM DAMAGE20/30/40/50/60 (+0.2 ability power) ⇒10/20/30/40/50 (+0.3 ability power) MAXIMUM DAMAGE60/90/120/150/180 (+0.6 ability power) ⇒30/60/90/120/150 (+0.9 ability power) E - Justice Punch DAMAGE100/135/170/205/240 ⇒ 80/120/160/200/240 Gragas Base health, health growth, attack damage increased. Base Stats HEALTH583.5 ⇒ 600 HEALTH GROWTH89 ⇒ 95 ATTACK DAMAGE61.4 ⇒ 64 Janna W cooldown now scales; base damage decreased late. E cooldown now decreases when Janna CCs enemies; cooldown decreased early, increased late; shield increased. W - Zephyr COOLDOWN8 seconds ⇒ 8/7.5/7/6.5/6 seconds BASE DAMAGE55/100/145/190/235 ⇒ 55/90/125/160/195 E - Eye Of The Storm NEWPASSIVEEach ability that slows or knocks back an enemy champion reduces Eye of the Storm's cooldown by 20% COOLDOWN18/16/14/12/10 seconds ⇒ 16/15/14/13/12 seconds SHIELD70/105/140/175/210 ⇒ 80/115/150/185/220 Jayce Q base damage decreased late; damage ratio decreased. Q - Shock Blast BASE DAMAGE70/120/170/220/270/320 ⇒ 70/115/160/205/250/295 DAMAGE RATIO1.2 bonus attack damage ⇒ 1.0 bonus attack damage Karthus R damage, ratio decreased. R - Requiem DAMAGE250/400/550 (+0.75 ability power) ⇒ 200/350/500 (+0.65 ability power) Master Yi Bonus attack speed at level 1 removed. Q isolated target damage decreased. Base Stats REMOVEDBONUS ATTACK SPEED AT LVL 1No longer receives 8% bonus attack speed at level 1 Q - Alpha Strike DAMAGE ON SAME TARGET25% attack damage per additional strike ⇒ 15% attack damage per additional strike Rammus Passive basic attack damage flattened. R damage decreased. Passive - Spiked Shell BASIC ATTACK DAMAGE8-20 (based on level) ⇒ 10 at all levels R - Tremors DAMAGE PER SECOND40/80/120 ⇒ 30/60/90 Warwick Q healing increased late. Q - Jaws of the Beast HEALING30/40/50/60/70% of damage dealt ⇒ 30/45/60/75/90% of damage dealt Yuumi Q range indicator brightness adjusted. W now gives assists when she first attaches. E movement speed decay flattened. Lots of bugfixes. Q - Prowling Projectile I SEE THE LIGHTYuumi's range indicator is now much brighter when Prowling Projectile is first cast, fading back down in brightness over its duration for both Yuumi and her attached ally W - You and Me! I'M HELPINGNow gives assists on champion takedowns from her teammates when she first attaches to a participating ally E - Zoomies UPDATEDZOOM ZOOMFlattened Yuumi's movement speed decay to herself and to the ally she's attached to based on ability power Bugfixes MINIMAPFixed a bug where Yuumi's minimap icon would sometimes not show that she's attached to an ally STATSFixed Yuumi's missing stats display on her strengths/weaknesses radial menu in the client AERYFixed a bug where Yuumi was not sending Aery when hopping between allies with You and Me! APPROACH VELOCITYFixed a bug where Yuumi's ally would gain Approach Velocity’s bonus movement speed whenever Yuumi was attached POPPY'S ULTYuumi now properly gets knocked towards her Fountain if she gets hits by Poppy's R - Keeper's Verdict while channeling R - Final Chapter or Q - Prowling Projectile Zac Q slow decreased; cooldown decreased late. W max health damage now scales with AP. R reverted to pre-patch 7.9. Q - Stretching Strikes SLOW60% ⇒ 40% COOLDOWN13/12/11/10/9 seconds ⇒ 13/11.5/10/8.5/7 seconds W - Unstable Matter NEWDAMAGE RATIO2% target's max health per 100 ability power UPDATEDR - Let's Bounce! REMOVEDNOT SQUISHYZac no longer squishes himself down while charging for up to 2.5 seconds, becoming unstoppable and slowing enemies standing on top of him REMOVEDNO LONGER ICE CREAMZac no longer knocks back enemies and deals magic damage when quickly releasing R, and no longer scoops up enemies, damaging and carrying them to a target location when releasing R after charging NEWFLUBBERZac now bounces 4 times on cast, with a 1 second delay between each bounce NEWDAMAGEEach bounce does 140/210/280 (+0.4 ability power) magic damage and knocks up enemies for 1 second. Subsequent bounces on the same targets do 50% magic damage and do not knock them up. NEWFLUID SLIMEZac can move during Let's Bounce and gains ramping movement speed over the duration, up to 50% Challenger Recall Rainbow Fluft Bugfixes Draven's R - Whirling Death now properly decreases in damage based on how many units are hit Titanic Hydra's on-hit damage is no longer able to hit towers Getting damaged by an Aery user while having Death’s Dance equipped no longer causes Aery to continuously deal damage to the player Shaco's R - Hallucinate's clone's auto-attack no longer deals 60% of Shaco's damage instead of 75% on champions Lissandra's Passive - Iceborn Subjugation's Frozen Thralls can no longer take Eye of the Herald when her team steals the Rift Herald Guardian's tooltip now properly indicates an ability power ratio of 0.25% instead of 0.25 or 25% Dark Valkyrie Diana's Q - Crescent Strike's Moonlight particles no longer briefly reappear after it expires on a champions Upcoming Skins & Chromas The following skin will be released this patch. Grab the League Displays app for full-res splash art! Little Demon Tristana The following chromas will be released this patch: Little Demon Tristana Points of Interest from the 9.11 PBE Cycle Here's a brief look at many of the new things included in patch 9.11. This coverage includes preview screen shots and video taken during the 9.11 PBE cycle and may vary slightly from what is pushed to live. Champion Skins The player-voted Little Demon Tristana is will be available sometime this patch: Little Demon Tristana Chromas Eight chroma will also be available for Little Demon Tristana: Little Demon Tristana [8 Chroma] Summoner Icons Tons of new summoner icons will be available in upcoming events and shops: Champie Icons Pyke, Graves, Illaoi Nautilus, Tahm Kench, Akali Lee Sin, Ahri, Yasuo Irelia, Darius, Draven Riven, Sion, Swain Little Demon Tristana Icon Dragon Boat Icon, Savory Rice Dumpling Poro Icon, Sweet Rice Dumpling Poro Icon Team Pass icons - more details here: TSM Level 1 Icon "Unlocked by reaching Level 1 in the TSM 2019 Summer Team Pass" TSM Level 2 Icon "Unlocked by reaching Level 2 in the TSM 2019 Summer Team Pass" LCS LEC Pro-Poro Icon Unlocked by reaching Level 1 in the 2019 Summer Fan Pass Scr-eemo Icon Unlocked by reaching Level 2 in the 2019 Summer Fan Pass" Cheering Pengu Unlocked by reaching Level 1 in the 2019 Summer Esports Watch Missions Fan Club Icon Unlocked by reaching Level 2 in the 2019 Summer Esports Watch Missions Emotes Tons of new emotes will be available in upcoming events and passes: Number 1 Fan, GOlaf 2019 LCS Emotes 2019 LEC Emotes Me-ow, OH BOY, My Word LCS Login Theme A new login theme will be featured on the client sometime in the future: [Music / Still Image] Miscellaneous Invictus Gaming Irelia's skin bio was updated to reflect Duke's earlier Worlds win: "Honoring Duke's winning performance as Irelia during the 2018 World Championship. This is Duke's second World Champion skin, following his win with SKT at the 2016 World Championship." New skins bios now on the PBE: Skin line: Demonic Skin Bios: Gatekeeper Galio: "One of the great dukes of Hell, Galio stands before his kingdom's black gates as the judge of all sinners, casting souls into their proper torments. Attempting to invoke him generally ends in tragedy, as he's several hundred feet tall and refuses to shrink in the service of mortals." Battle Academia Lux Prestige Edition: "Now in her second year at Durandal Academy, Lux has been hardened by the harrowing trials, losses, and betrayals that punctuated her freshman experience. Following the climactic clash with a certain Rogue God-Weapon, Lux has mastered her powers and risen to take her place as head of the Sorcery Club, as well as the new class president." Little Demon Tristana: "A witch who is now one of the great queens of Hell, Tristana commands a vast army of lesser demons and rules the twin Aspects of Ruin and Woe. Mortals attempting to invoke her will find a variety of tempting contracts, but signers beware: Tristana's ultimate goal is bathing her signatories-- as well as the world-- in hellfire." Demon Vi: "One of the great generals of Hell, Vi brutalizes the tormented with acts of martial savagery, arbitrarily raining lazy blows upon the damned. Invoking her in the mortal realm must be done cautiously, as she responds only to a worthy opponent... and only for so long." Battle Academia Jayce special border updated:
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  21. Any and all pizza is good to me, as long as it isn't sweet. personal favorite would have to be chicken bacon Parmesan though. always have enjoyed that.
  22. What is everyone's favorite pizza? I personally love a good pizza from somewhere like Grimaldi's with pepperoni, bacon, sausage and pesto. Gotta have fresh mozz cheese though, not pre-processed.
  23. Horde in classic under preformed, right after first raid pally becomes the strongest dps/healer/tank,
  24. Congrats on the promotion!

  25. Patch Highlights Champions NEW Yuumi Yuumi Champion Gameplay Trailer Yuumi Abilities Yuumi Bio Brand E damage increased late; ratio increased. E - Conflagration MAGIC DAMAGE70/90/110/130/150 (+0.35 ability power) ⇒70/95/120/145/170 (+0.45 ability power) Caitlyn W headshot damage increased. W - Yordle Snap Trap HEADSHOT BONUS DAMAGE40/90/140/190/240 ⇒60/105/150/195/240 Fiora W now blocks Braum's and Kennen's stuns rather than preventing them from proccing. W - Riposte INTERACTIONS WITH DEBUFFSRiposte prevents Braum and Kennen from applying the last stack of their passives ⇒ allows Braum and Kennen to apply the last stack of their passives, blocking the stun (and still blocking the damage from the attack) Graves Q damage increased late. Q - End of the Line DETONATION DAMAGE85/115/145/175/205 ⇒ 85/120/155/190/225 Master Yi Q cast time removed, adjusted target scanning. W cast time removed. E no longer grants AD while not on cooldown. R movement speed increased and adjusted. Q - Alpha Strike REMOVEDCAST TIMENo longer takes 0.1 seconds to cast NEWBETA STRIKEIf Master Yi has struck fewer than the maximum amount of times he can with Alpha Strike and there are no other nearby eligible targets, he will now strike the same target for 25% of the damage before checking for nearby targets again W - Meditate REMOVEDCAST TIMENo longer takes 0.05 seconds to cast E - Wuju Style REMOVEDNo longer grants 10% attack damage while not on cooldown R - Highlander MOVEMENT SPEED25/35/45% total movement speed ⇒ 35/45/55% bonus movement speed Riven Q cooldown now scales. E cooldown increased. Q - Broken Wings COOLDOWN13 seconds at all ranks ⇒ 12/11.5/11/10.5/10 seconds E - Valor COOLDOWN10/9/8/7/6 seconds ⇒ 14/13/12/11/10 seconds Shaco R casts adjusted. R - Hallucinate APPEARRandom position 50-250 range in any direction around cast position, facing a random direction ⇒ 200 range in the direction of Shaco's cursor, facing the clone CLONE APPEARRandom position 50-250 range in any direction around cast position, facing a random direction ⇒ 200 range in the opposite direction of Shaco's cursor, facing Shaco Soraka Q movement speed increased; decays more slowly. Q - Starcall BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED14/18/22/26/30% ⇒ 15/20/25/30/35% MOVEMENT SPEED DECAYRapidly ⇒ Significantly less rapidly Tryndamere E cooldown decreased. AP ratio decreased. E - Spinning Slash COOLDOWN13/12/11/10/9 seconds ⇒ 12/11/10/9/8 seconds RATIO1.0 ability power ⇒ 0.8 ability power Vayne R Tumble cooldown reduction now scales. R - Final Hour TUMBLE COOLDOWN REDUCTION50% at all ranks ⇒ 30/40/50% Xin Zhao Q cooldown decreased. Q - Three Talon Strike COOLDOWN9/8/7/6/5 seconds ⇒ 7/6.5/6/5.5/5 seconds Zyra Plants no longer take additional damage from basic attacks that do not trigger on-hit effects. Passive - Garden of Thorns FERTILIZERDamage from basic attacks that doesn't trigger on-hit effects (ex. Corki's Hextech Munitions, Miss Fortune's Love Tap, etc.) no longer deals a separate instance of damage to Zyra's plants Items Essence Reaver Attack damage increased. ATTACK DAMAGE65 ⇒ 70 Guinsoo's Rageblade Phantom Hit frequency decreased. Armor and magic penetration increased and flattened. PHANTOM HIT FREQUENCYEvery 2 attacks ⇒ Every 3 attacks ARMOR PENETRATION6% (+0.5% per level, 15% max) ⇒ 15% MAGIC PENETRATION6% (+0.5% per level, 15% max) ⇒ 15% Hunter's Talisman Champions' pets' attacks now also apply burn. NEWHOT DOGSPassive burn effect now applies on attacks from pets ITEM FAMILYAlso applies to all of Hunter's Talisman's upgrades (Stalker's Blade, Skirmisher's Sabre, and all their variants) Runic Echoes Combine and total costs decreased. COMBINE COST375 gold ⇒ 250 gold TOTAL COST2625 gold ⇒ 2500 gold Runes Conqueror True damage and healing decreased. GR8At full stacks, 10% ⇒ 8% of the damage dealt against champions is converted to true damage and healing ARAM Balance Changes ADDITIONAL TURRET DAMAGEChampion damage to turrets increases after the first 15 minutes, maxing at +15% at 25 minutes ⇒ 18 minutes, maxing at +25% at 30 minutes MINION WAVE FREQUENCYMinion waves spawn faster after the first 15 minutes of the game, maxing at 15 seconds between waves at 25 minutes ⇒ 18 minutes of the game, maxing at 13 seconds between waves at 30 minutes MINION MOVEMENT SPEEDMinions speed up after the first 15 minutes of the game ⇒ 18 minutes of the game DEATH TIMER AT LEVEL 1845 seconds ⇒ 40 seconds 9.10 champion nerfs AATROX+10% damage done & -10% damage taken ⇒ No changes JANNA+10% damage taken ⇒ +10% damage taken & -8% shielding done MAOKAI-8% damage dealt & +8% damage taken ⇒ -12% damage done & +12% damage taken SONA-10% damage dealt & -25% healing done & +12% damage taken ⇒ -10% damage dealt & +12% damage taken & -15% shielding done & -15% healing done 9.10 champion buffs AZIR+5% damage done KALISTA+5% damage done KATARINA+8% damage done & -8% damage taken MORDEKAISER+5% damage done & -5% damage taken TALIYAH+5% damage done TRISTANA+5% damage done ZAC+5% damage done & -8% damage taken ZOE+5% damage done 9.10 rune adjustments GATHERING STORMAdaptive force every 7 minutes ⇒ Adaptive force every 6 minutes DEMOLISH100 (+0.35 of your maximum health) bonus physical damage to structures at max stacks ⇒ 50 (+0.2 of your maximum health) bonus physical damage to structures at max stacks Bugfixes Rakan can now properly recast E - Battle Dance even when his mana is lower than the ability's cost Tahm Kench's W - Devour's tooltip now properly displays its AP ratio Gun Goddess Miss Fortune now properly laughs during R - Bullet Time Papercraft Nunu & Willump no longer uses base Nunu & Willump's W - Biggest Snowball Ever!
  26. Thermite & Lesion. Tbh tho I’m Flex all ops except the Lord Tachanka.
  27. Bank and Club House when doing ESL Comp.
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