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  1. nice looking forward ot it
  2. Cool glad to have ya
  3. Yo if we got enough people ill be down asf to do a scrim 5v5 dont matter the ranks playing for fun! lmk @--->https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198023268995/
  4. i would like a night shift team or a group of people that get off late and just chill on the discord for those late night people joining see if they need any help work all day so when i get home i stay up till 4-6am even
  5. Ya Boi FIddle got beef? 1v1 Cod 4 i use Deagle only im 23 play mostly shooters or grindy games heard about the this group but does it have what i need to entertain myself? Active mostly during night hours through the week - Super Active all day Weekends either Playing with some CS:GO streamers or doing my own play through Managed to Bamboozle some nerds to think i was Cuban for YEARS am Mexican/Cartel 4/20 Friendly - if i sell you an Oz and you run ill Shoot you with my Glock pew pew Vibe With me 💔 here for friends and games mostly